good yoyo string


what yoyo string do you recomend? :slight_smile:


I haven’t been in yoyoing long, but my recommendation is: all of’em!

I’m in the process of trying everything I can get my hands on. They all have things I like and things I don’t. I’m semi partial to the Toxic Strings at the moment, now that I learned how to tie a knot that will keep them from slipping off my finger.

Not impressed with the Fat Kitty. It’s not fat enough compared to a regular kitty. The regular Kitty, however, is nice as a “standard” poly string.


For the most part, I’m happy with the YYE 100-count Slick6 and 100% polyester. I have some experience with other stuff.

What I would recommend is to buy some small packs of different strings, say, 3, 5 or 10 counts. That’s typically enough to formulate an opinion.

Different strings have different properties. Some are stiffer, which hold loops better when doing suicide-type tricks, and it’s probably good for some whips, slacks and lacerations. Some strings are thicker than others, which can be more responsive, but can also have more stretch and bounce in them. Different blends of nylon and polyester fibers can also have different feels. Some strings last longer than others(some a LOT longer than others).

So really, it’s best to buy some of anything that sounds good to you based on the description and give it a try.

What I think is interesting, but logical, are Sniffy’s reviews of yoyos. I’d suggest you watch a few of them. He’s got a knack for really matching up the string to the yoyo. Since different yoyo models play differently, it makes sense to find a string that best matches the yyoo. Most yoyos come stock with something like a Kitty string on it, which isn’t bad, isn’t great and is more than sufficient for me. I think if I had the skills and experience, finding my own best string for a yoyo would be quite a bit of fun.

So, I don’t have any clear recommendation or pointers. As with yoyos, preferences play a big factor.

I’m happy with YYE bulk strings, but I’ll try any string types. I haven’t really found anything I’ve hated. The Yellowjacket BG1’s are a bit too fat for my tastes, but the thing is, if I’m playing clean, it’s not an issue. The Metz string is nice too, soft and fat, lots of spring and bounce in them. It can be grabby at times, but again, if you’re playing clean, it’s not an issue, or at least that’s how it is for me.


Toxic BG1
Toxic Metz


you forgot --> Toxic … markmont dragon


No I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


markmont dragon > all other toxic strings


I really dislike dragon string. Something about it just doesnt seem right. I recommend Big Yoyo String! Haha message me man, I will hook you up


I recommend some ‘Big Yoyo String’. The guy who makes them (Big Yoyo on the yye forum) is great at what he does. Theyre very whippy strings, very very similar to dragon strings. The difference is theyre cheaper, and quicker to break in. They last long and are AMAZING.
He recently asked me to be sponsored by his strings, I of course couldnt deny. I love the strings. Ill have my own signature string very soon. Send me a pm if you have any questions. If you want to purchase PM “Big Yoyo” on the forum. Or email him at

Get some BIG YOYO STRING :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #10

Toxic Snakes


Haha, just saw you posted here after i types my suggestion up. Haha, woops.


Twisted stringz type a1 remains my favorite of all boutique strings I’ve tried.


hmm i would like to try some … if you have samples. I said toxic because I have actually tried many different strings and markmont suits me … if you are saying your Big yoyo string is better … its probably because … umm you are making them lol … and this guys is saying they are better cus he is sponsored by you :

I am not sponsored by toxic or any other companies. I am not saying that big yoyo strings are worse or better ( i haven’t tried any)

i am willing to try some though… and I will give it a fair comparison to the dragon :slight_smile:


I just became sponsored by Big Yoyo Strings yesterday, Ive been a fan of his strings for awhile.

Anyway, Big Yoyo Strings are more affordable than Markmonts Dragon string. And the break in time is always critical. If I pop a new string on I want it to break in within an hour. Dragons take some time and hard work to break in.

I do recommend you try some. Talk to Big Yoyo and Im sure you guys can work something out. Try buying a ten pack, its like $5 I think.


To the original poster: This thread is a pretty stellar example of how string preference is pretty personal, and can only be built over time through hands on experience. I love markmont’s strings, and I love them fresh. But I used to really love other strings, and I switch around a lot. Tastes change over time, so does skill level, so do priorities. Buy whatever string you can afford when you can afford it. Get a good range. Try it all. If you don’t like something, shelve it and try it again in a month or two.


Where do I begin! Normal thickness Kitty polyester strings are my safe bet. They work well with everything without being amazing. And then each yoyo seems to have it’s own preferred string diet of Toxic strings (regular and Markmont Dragon), Yoyo String Lab Type X, Kitty Nylon, Kitty Fat, YYJ Ultra Jam poly, cotton/poly blends, Graou strings (thin and thick), Chaos 422, G-Strings, WARP strings (stuff one of my mates in Western Australia makes) and a stack of other stuff. What I do is buy normal Kitty strings in bulk and get small packs of other things to try out as I go. A lot of variety out there. Have fun experimenting with different yoyo/string/bearing/response combinations and see what works for you.



I couldn’t agree with you more … thats why I always keep some fresh markmont with me




For the record Proboscis has liked and used my strings for a long time, as well as many other people. And he just was sponsored like 36 hours ago


When I first used Big yoyo string, my dead dog came back to life and i got 7 girlfriends. I really suggest trying it. Its probably the greatest thing ever.