need string recommendation


i am totally blind when it comes to string types. what is the best type of string ( cotton, polyester, etc.) for normal 1a unresponsive play? or is it just personal preference?


100 percent yye poly all you need

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ok thanks for the recommendation


Don’t read into string types too much. 100% poly seems to me to be the best as far as playabilty and longevity is concerned other than that it doesn’t matter. I make all of my strings just because I can and want to. Only thing to consider is size. You have 6 (thin) and 8 (thick). If you have a throw that’s is extremely unresponsive and has a hard time binding you may want to try thicker string, also some people like thick strings for whips and such. Like almost everything in yoyoing its all about preference.


100% poly works but i like Twisted Stringz type A will outlast anything and whips like crazy


Make your own. experiment with what you like.

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100% Polyster Neon Type 6.
'Nuff said.


YYE 100% Poly will work fine for you… Though lately, i’ve been all about the Chaos 622 string. Love that stuff.


My advice is buy small packs of every kind you are interested, in. If you feel like it is too thin go wider, if it is too wide, and go thinner. normally I would say special brands are too much, but it really is up too you. Then once you decide what you like, buy more of that. But keep other stuff around you never know when you are going too want something different. years after you have been playing you will figure out for sure what you like, and then something else will come along you like better. :slight_smile: This community is developing and you really can’t nail anything down as the best, some like fixed axle play more then unresponsive play, some like thin string some like thick some like cotton some like nylon, or poly. It all plays different and has different advantages and negatives. you can’t equate this stuff like power of your car or performance of a computer. Its personal and the only way you will truly figure it out is too try it all your self.


Thanks…I’ve been making my own string for a year now and I’ve been trying to find a website like that for the same amount of time. :smiley:


Either YYE poly or kitty string. i just got some Nylon string, and once it breaks in its just fantastic!


kitty string


How do you make yoyo string w/o a drill because everything for making string seems to need a drill to make the string


If your intermediate/advanced id get 50/50 but if your pretty good id get 100% poly.


I use one of those cheap 1$ store electric fans. It is battery powered. works good.