whats the best string to use for a unrisponsive yoyo

i wanted to know whats the best string i use the dv888

100% polyester.

Many to choose, but for starting I would get a 100 pack of Yoyoexpert 100% poly, Normal Kittystring 100% poly, or Blueprint strings…

Buy some here-



I use kitty string nylon but its all preference

If you like a lighter string you can try the String Lab Type X. I like this because humidity is a problem where I live and thinner strings tend to produce less friction, as well as minimal string burn and unintentional string binds.

I’ve tried out a bunch as I’m a bit new to unresponsive. Of the following, I’m digging Kitty String the most:

Kitty String

My advice is… buy a little bit of everything to find what suits you. If you’re super new, cotton will be good to start (easier to bind), and poly would be the choice as you get better. I found Poly VERY difficult to bind when I first started, but am now quite comfortable with it (in about 3 months time). I’ve also found that poly will chew through Chinese throw pads (Aoda and Magic Yoyo) like nobody’s business. I just got the N9 and replaced the pads with flowable silicon within 2 days after changing the string out to nylon.

I should note that I love toxic too, but it’s so slick that the loop doesn’t always stay taught on my finger. It binds great and feels great though. I may have to try out some other blends if they’ve got it.

Edit: I forgot to mention Ammo String (by StringLab). Very soft, but for some reason I’m not that into it. I suppose it’s great for avoiding string burn, but I’ve yet to be “burned” by this issue. I’m a noob, but I love stringy fast tricks so take that for what it’s worth. Sure, it feels like velvet, but for whatever reason it’s not my bag.

Guys. He Isn’t asking for a string recommendation.

What TYPE…

Like Cotton or Polyester or Nylon and so on…

I wouldn’t confuse him with “lighter string”

My bad.

If that is the case you could try a 50/50 blend of cotton & Polyester.
That is what I started unresponsive yoyoing with.

Nylon’s also to be considered

As stated, it is all preference. My preference so far is 100% poly, Kitty regular and Kitty Fat specifically.

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