Old codger has a technical question about strings,

Do certain throws like different strings? I have over 300 yoyo, about 50 are nonresponsive. I have been leaning to throw them lately. I have a couple of glow in the dark die nasties. They seem to wear cotton strings pretty fast and lose the bind ability quickly. The same strings work great in other nonresponsive throws. I have other stings (polys) I have not tried yet. If the answer is yes it would be nice to have a master list. Thanks tim

cotton is best on older loopers.
cotton/poly is good for newer loopers and for just about anything else.
Poly is good for anything but loopers in my opinion.

Poly on unresponsive yoyo’s is the way to go.

Educate me a bit, as I’ve heard that type of statement before.

My beginner skills are pushing me to learn non-responsive play, and hence I am working on my bind, which sucks, but considering I only worked on it an hour so far, it will suck a while longer.

Why is poly string best for non-responsive? I’ve got no issue buying some bulk string if I need to. Right now, I think I’m using cotton string. It’s the blue/black stuff available here in bulk, fairly sure it’s all cotton. Can’t say anything positive or negative, for now. I’m too new to have a qualified opinion. I also ordered and received some Slick6 based on recommendations from the powers that be here at YYE in an email. I haven’t opened it up yet, but I have no intentions of returning it either.

Thanks for educating me and possibly others.

cotton wears out faster. Way faster

also, if you take some cotton and compare its roughness/friction to poly, it will be VERY different. poly has a soapy feel and cotton feels a bit like sandpaper comparitively.

I use poly in my loopers and it works just fine. :o

poly string doesn’t wear out as fast, is less prone to breaking, and is less responsive in general. plus much less string burn.
If you feel a polyester string next to a cotton string, you’ll be able to tell the difference in how much friction there is.

Loopers with wooden axels and loopers with a smooth metal axels can melt poly strings. It might not happen as frequently with trans axle loopers or bearing loopers as there isn’t the same heat generated from the friction between the axel and string.

i use poly in my sunsets/900’s/unleasheds (that’s a dumb plural). but it will NOT hold up in a 3-in-1, russell, or proyo with the same results. it’s more of a fixed axle (or specifically, wood) issue than a 1a/2a issue.

i spent all last year using ONLY an ancient skein of thick type 10 cotton, which had to be twisted by hand. in the end, i realized that it honestly doesn’t much matter what string you’re using for 1a. if you’ve developed the necessary skill set and understand how to handle string tension, old cotton will do all the same stuff that the flavor-of-the-month kevlar/hamstring/gstring/brazilian/alchemy stuff will. it’ll all handle slack. it’ll all hold suicide loops. it’ll all bind great. there is NO such thing as beginner string, advanced string, and IMO there are no modern throws with standard bearing/response setups that will perform ‘better’ using this or that string.

what matters is that you play string that FEELS how you like yo-yo string to feel, so that you’ll practice more, improve, and have fun.

I find with silicone response poly grips better then cotton, and wood axles cotton won’t melt like poly, out side that I don’t find there to be much of a differnace in play.
poly last longer in almost all case’s outside fixed axles.