String Recommendation?

I’m just getting back into yoyo’ing. A lot has changed since I was really into this between 1996-2001. I’ve been watching a lot of 1A contest footage.

Any recommendation’s for strings for this style?


It depends whether you want to throw unresponsive or responsive. For unresponsive, 100% polyester is the most common type of string. As for the brand, you should probably start with some bulk string, like Kitty, Yoyoexpert string, or Blueprint. If you want to throw responsive, either 100% cotton, or 50% cotton 50% polyester is the way to go.

Since you’re just getting back into it from over a decade ago you’ll probably just want to go with some standard string, nothing premium that’s expensive. Just get a 100 pack of standard YYE poly on this site

if you know ur preferences of string I could be of more help.

I’ve been using the cotton yellow/black strings for 20 years now. I’m not really getting back into it, I’ve yoyo’d through the years, just not as serious as I use to. Just looking to try some of the newer stuff that I haven’t seen. I don’t remember the poly strings, or “hybrid” strings back in the late 90’s. Didn’t know if there was a lot of difference between the companies, or if a poly string is a poly string.

back in the 90s people used cotton strings(maybe poly/cotton?) because everyone used responsive yoyos.

People started playing unresponsive in 2000, and it became popular around 2003-2004. That’s when people started using poly strings because they last longer. Cotton and poly/cotton strings are better for wooden yoyos and “starburst” response yoyos.

I’d suggest poly for sure for unresponsive play, but there are many types. Are you using an unresponsive yoyo? Are you also looking into getting a new yoyo?

Yeah, I posted a WTB in the Buy Sell section. Looking at a couple different YoYoJam’s the Phenom, Phenomizm and Speeder.

If you don’t play unresponsive yet I’d recommend getting a YoYoJam Dark Magic II so you have the benefit of a slim bearing(responsive) and C bearing(unresponsive)

pretty sure he has responsive yoyo’s so I don’t think he needs that.

Yep, I own around 100 yo-yo’s right now. All responsive.

Blueprint all the way babyyy

I like YoYoStringLab! Check out AMMO.

Flying chest bump!

Thanks everyone! Just bought a couple new yoyo’s. Now going to buy some strings to try out.

what yoyo’s did you decide to buy?

Bought a CLYW Yeti and CLYW Puffin :smiley:

Still looking at a few others, would like to get several to try out.

Sweet! Let us know what u think! Once u develope preferences we can help u more.

Will do!

some things to keep in mind are the size preference, weight, floatiness, heft, and speed, oh and fun! some yoyo’s are just way more fun for whatever reason.