Cotton string?

So I’m wondering… Everyone always says cotton string doesn’t work well with “modern yoyos”. I’ve always used 100% poly, but I’m just wondering why cotton isn’t used. Does it not provide as good of a response? I would assume it just breaks easily and wears down fast? Enlighten me, please.

Pretty much that’s it, It breaks really easily. And that’s really bad for competition if the string breaks and the yoyo goes off stage then your disqualified, And its really dangerous for people in the crowd and the judges, Not to mention you can get a ding in your yoyo if it breaks and hit a wall, then it might break your wall and you have to get that replaced. and you might even break your yoyo. So really its just a bad idea to use cotton.

Not necessarily. It does have it’s place and works fine as long as you pay attention to wear. I particularly like it for fixed axle loopers, which also tends to be the hardest on it.

most people who use modern poly and different blends do so because of its play characteristics. poly tends to play heavier and “crispier”, making hooks, suicides, rejections, lacerations, and other slack elements more predictable. most players on here are focusing on those kinds of elements, and different types of poly just make them easier. there aren’t really “beginner” strings or “advanced” strings. there are just strings that suit certain throws or certain styles. like jhb said, cotton is GREAT for wood axles and often enables more advanced play on that medium. to each their own.

What kind of string and length do you use?

I use type 10 cotton from Yoyoexpert lately for fixed axle and YoYo Stringlab type x with my bearings mostly. Also have some Toxic Lacers I like a lot (but they’re very different). I play em pretty short (belly button length).

worst string ever

Cotton’s amazing dude.

It depends a lot on the type of cotton user.

I make my own yoyo strings using “super mercerized” 10. It’s intended for crochet work and. It pretty strong and very shiny. I’ve been using it on both my replay pro and my “Eh 2014” fix axle with good results. Of course I’m not competing :slight_smile:

I wonder what lacers play like