Ever had a string break?


I haven’t. I honestly expected to by now. I’ve been throwing for years and was always afraid that one day I would throw hard and the string would break, hitting my wife or the TV, etc. Somehow though I have never had this happen.

Am I just lucky or do strings generally not break?

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I’ve only broken strings on a fixed axle yoyo, and one of those times it broke at the loop around my finger. It was a cotton string. Never broke one on a bearing yoyo.


Multiple breaks of cotton strings, multiple breaks of cotton/poly. Ask me why I don’t like cotton strings! :wink:

The 100% poly string breaks I have had were all on unresponsives where the yo-yo was a known string cutter through excess friction around the response pad areas. Buffing the inner cup surface with a dremel and some polishing compound fixed it in every single case.

I’ve actually never had a poly string break on me unexpectedly, outside of the “known string eaters”.


i remember going outside, and i had this really old string on my n8. got out the car, and one throw was all i needed. string broke on the loop you put on the bearing. bounced as i heard the heartbreaking sounds of multiple dings on the parking lot concrete.

that yoyo is really beat up now, i dont even use it now lol


I’ve only had string breaks on 2a yoyos.

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I cringed just reading that.:scream: That is arguably one of the most cringeworthy sounds ever, no matter the actual value of the yoyo

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Twice. One time, the yo-yo flew across the room and hit my 52 inch TV. It still works fine, but it’s no longer pretty. The yo-yo is fine, though. So, no worries. I was using cotton string, by the way, so I kind of have to agree with Coding. Also, I recently purchased a yo-yo from someone, and he had a specific kind of nylon string on it. After trying that out, I can safely say, I’m never going back to cotton again.

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I remember years and years ago while I was in school; I had a Spring Break😉.

Seriously; I had something more cringeworthy than a string break.

Years ago; I went to what used to be an annual event. The DXL Battle Yoyo Contest. There were usually 3 or 4 yoyo vendors there. One particular year; Ernie Kaiser was one of the sellers(GeneralYo). He had some of his quality yoyos there for display and for sale.

One of the yoyos he had up for sale was the Magnesium Magnum. He had a few on the table. I remarked about it and he said, ‘Go ahead and give one a throw, Mo’.
So I did just that.

Now you have to picture this… For YEARS;I have been telling kids to ALWAYS check your string length to ground; before you blast off on the throwdown.

Ernie and I are both about the same height; so for some peabrained reason; I ‘assumed’ the string would be about the same length on his Yoze as mine?

So instead of practicing what I normally preach; I wound that sucker up and FIRED it right into the pavement! The string was so long; it came up to my neck level; hahaha.:nerd_face:

When it smashed into the ground; it made a loud ringing noise! Ernie looked over at me with a pretty Shocked expression on his face.:scream_cat:

I just smiled and asked him, ‘You know what that sound was? It was the sound of a cash register making a Sale’.

I told him, ‘I play; I pay.’

…I saw no other option since it was my error to not manually check the string.


Been there, done that :scream:

Trust… but always verify before throwing!


I would have done the same thing. That really sucks you had to buy a dinged yoyo, but you owned up to it. Definitely the right thing to do.

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ive broken a string once, when i was a beginner. it was a yomega brain xp on a cotton string. :thinking:
it hit a painting but the frame was plastic so it was ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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So dramatic :joy:

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I remember one time I was outside with my favorite yo-yo and I was messing around with horizontal and when I threw it sideways the string snapped. Luckily the yo-yo just hit the dirt and was spinning sideways on the dirt making some dirt tornado. I grabbed it after freaking out and there was not a single scratch. Good thing I threw it sideways. I was at my friends house one time playing with my bonfire outside and when the yo-yo came back to my hand the string snapped at my finger it’s flew up and then smashed into the ground. I didn’t really care because I bought it with a bunch of scratches. And then lastly I was ices skating one time and when I was done I was playing with my rave. Same thing happened as the last on but luckily I was over a rubber mat so I just picked it up and tied another knot

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OK, so that No Jive I unboxed maybe 2-3 hours ago? the cotton string on it just broke :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And that’s with christmas dinner in between, not like I was throwing the whole time!

Back to poly, my friends… back to poly.

(You might say, “Well, maybe this was an old stock string from 1998” but I’ve had the same exact experience with new cotton strongs and new cotton/poly strings I bought from YYE less than a year ago.)

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I don’t understand why this is happening to you. Cotton strings last quite a while for me.


:man_shrugging: but poly strings are working fantastically for me on these wood axles so far. I have to use relatively thin ones, of course, not the mega fatty AMMO stuff.

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Well if it’s working for you, then there’s no need at all to change what you’re doing.

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When I tried to go back to yoyos in around 2009/2010, I tried messing with my old Bumblebee GT with cotton strings from '99-'00 era and I was snapping strings left and right.

I once broke a string trying to learn how to snap start a responsive yoyo. The string broke as I prepared to pop it up in my hand. Another time, a string broke on a throw over carpet, so there was no concern about it hurting itself or anything else and the yoyo simply rolled across the room and through an open doorway. I guess it was going into business for itself. I asked it where it was going and saluted it as it left the room (what else was I going to do?).

When I got new string for the modern yoyos I started buying in 2010, I made sure they were 100% poly and I haven’t had a problem with strings breaking since. Unfortunately I have a few bundles that I got off eBay that are “mystery meat” and I’ve never been quite sure what they are, but so far even the ones I knew were cotton have held up very well too and I haven’t had any issues with breaking (knock on wood). Since my apartment is full of fragile and breakable things, though, the fear is real and I have very few areas I feel like I can throw safely, so I’ve come to prefer poly or nylon over cotton. Cotton seems to break more often, especially when it’s several years old. I’d recommend Kevlar strings, but the ones I have don’t have a consistency that’s very comfortable in the hand. They feel a little stiff and scratchy.


I need either @Yoyosampler or @yoyodoc to set up an avatar in their user prefs because… :dizzy_face:

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I was with my friend and when I threw the yoyo the string broke and it hit her in the leg.