How many throws could you break a new string with if you tried to break it?

Read the subject. Maybe I should say how many you “How many throws could you break a new string with if you tried to break it?”

I have never broken a string unless it was in a “string eater” yoyo or it was a cotton string on a wooden fixed-axle yoyo. I don’t think I can throw hard enough to break a non-defective string. At all.

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Ive never ever ever broken a string. I dont think its even possible.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a…

oh, wait… that’s another matter…

More than 30, unless you are using a poly string on a fixed axle.

Same here

My Yeti when I first got it would go like 4-5 throws before it snapped the string

After I sanded the edges just like Chuck did in the Yeti maintenance video it hasn’t snapped a string since
(Going on 4 months)

So I’d say a few more than 30 throws :smiley:

I’ve got toxic poly string and I never snap strings…lol in the 4 months I’ve been yoyoing I’ve only had to replace one string. But the cotton ones I had at first did seem to wear out faster.

You did not happen to mean “breakin” did you.
If I broke a string every 30 throws I would be going through several strings a day.

I meant if you tried to break it. I’m resetting the poll to zero, because i misworded the question. Like, even if you break your finger trying.

I have broken cotton strings in as few as 5 or 6 throws working on long tricks with a heavy fixed-axle. (Didn’t want to.) I don’t think I could break a poly string in just 30 throws even if I tried. I generally throw hard to very hard every time and even cheap strings will last an hour or two.

Okay, I’m changing this.

There needed to be a “3000+” or “never” option. :wink:

“Never” would take common sense into account… if you threw a single string for enough years, it would probably eventually rot away and break.

Unless you have a defective yoyo or string, I think you will be hard pressed to ever break a string just from throwing.

Okey dokey, will do. But just to let you know, most of the time, I play my strings until they break.

So, you play your strings until the yoyo goes flying around the room, maybe at people or valuables?

I aim in a safe direction all the time. (When I break strings, they break downward, not upward.)

Bouncing and ricocheting are still possibilities. I would never recommend intentionally playing a string until it breaks.

Even when a yoyo I’ve thrown has managed to break a string (fixie or string-eater) while I was throwing downward, the incredible RPMs of the yoyo mean that with the smallest amount of friction it will start hurtling along the floor towards something.

Worst idea ever, and I suspect you’ll admit that you change them out when they start looking like they’re going to break, not literally when they do finally break.

the only way for this thread to be salvaged was for the last poll option to be “over 9000”

If you tried to break the string.