Whats it like? To snap a string?

I have been throwin these toys around for five years. Id say im pretty good, i have posted videos showcasing what skill i have. One thing i have noticed throughout the five years is that i have never snapped a string. I guess its because my flow is slow and more graceful / less aggressive. Dont get me wrong there are moments where my Pandora just wants to play the most perfect song and next thing you know im out in my yard doing frontflips and stuff jumping in the air and throwing a hard breakaway when my feet hit the ground again. But not once has a string snapped. I started with yyn highlights then had some G-string and am now on kitty, yoyostringlab, and my “contrabandyoyostrings” i twist up myself.

But please… Someone tell me what its like to be playing and ur string snaps sending your pricey throw somersaulting across pavement. Ahh, im not even sure if i would like that sound at alll!!!
Is there anybody else who has not snapped a string?

Please don’t ask why i type both ‘your’ and ‘ur’ as i do not have the answer. It just happens.

One Love - YoRED!

It happened to me the first day I had my capless. I threw it and it rolled away and hit my drum set and got like 4 places were the paint scratched off.
sad :frowning:

well, when it hits the ground, it stays stationary for a moment, and then begins to run forward on account of the spin. It usually bounces a few times and then rolls to a stop. I did this in a parking lot with my echo. Left a ton of black marks that could be rubbed off and then revealed deep dings. DO NOT TRY AT HOME OR ANYWHERE REALLY BAD FOR YOYOS

The only time I’ve ever snapped a string was like this

It felt really good.

I’ve never snapped a polyester string, but I change them out regularly. I used to snap cotton string every day though. I’d get in trouble all the time because my yoyo would make dents in the wall.

Usually the only time I snap a string is when I do a handstart. It’s no biggie.

lol I put dents in the ceiling a few times :stuck_out_tongue: but that was when I was still using Slick 6, ever since swapping to poly I haven’t broken any, but I’ll still break the odd cotton string on a hand-start (with my loopers) so that’s pretty harmless anyway.

Smashes to the ground(or wall :-\ ) bouncesa bit, and rolls off… Happened to me a bunch when I was starting out cuz i didnt have strings :stuck_out_tongue: happened once when I was trying to do the grind challengr of yours with the MN :-X

my bad!!

I had my first string snap the other night while doing goofy hops. Slammed my Zen 4 into the wall :smiley:

I used to snap strings so often with cotton. I’ve only snapped 2 poly strings. It isn’t very pleasant to have a yoyo fly into your bathroom and make the loudest banging sound you’ve ever heard. Somehow no one else in my house noticed.

It is like somebody took a gun and shot your yoyo.

Is Danny Severance related to Tyler?

…Severance does not sound like a very common last name to me. Seriously. It sounds like they are members of Avenged Sevenfold.

They’re brothers as far as I know.

Well you throw it and it feels fine until it hits the bottom. Once it hits it kinda feel like it hit the bottom harder than usual. Then all of the weight leaves you string and the desperation sets in. You try to stop it buts its just to fast. Finally it stops an you see the damage. Sadness sets in… Then you get over it and keep throwing.

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That pretty much expresses how it feels. It’s there, then it’s not.

Its horrifying to snap a string.
To see your $100+ yoyo flying threw the air or worse, straight at the ground and come crashing down. The two times my string snapped, once was on carpet so it was okay. the second, my yoyo smashed into m driveway and the ano was ruined where it hit.
It makes you want to cry


I’ve broken a quite a few strings, though usually it’s cotton on a wood axle. I did one time send a metal yoyo flying down a hill and into traffic. It didn’t survive. Anywho, I’d sum it up like this,

Sometimes you feel like this:


But then sometimes you feel like this:


And sometimes this happens to the yoyo:

But in the worst cases, the yoyo does this:



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Its like, ooooh snap!

I’ve only snapped one string and it was on a Duncan butterfly lol. I was on my back deck showing my dad some fixed axle tricks and when I threw a breakaway, the string snapped and it flew 40 feet before it hit the ground. My dad looked at me and asked"is that expensive?" And when I replied no he put his hands up and we both laughed until we couldn’t breathe. Lol