The ‘I should have known better but did it anyways’ thread🙀

Can anybody else share their story of something yoyo related they did, that they should have thought it out a little better before they screwed up? For example, throwing a yoyo at the edge of a lake or edge of a cliff for a photo opp and there goes the yoyo when the string broke. Or you decide to,show your friend your newest yoyo trick while inside his Moms house. And you end up breaking his Moms favorite lamp. Or you go skateboarding with your friends and decide to take along a yoyo just in case. And you know you shouldn’t put it in your back pocket, but decide what could happen? And then you fall on your rear end and destroy your yoyo?

Share something you know you did impulsively even though you had a feeling it might have a bad consequence? Here is ‘one’ of mine>>>

So, my newest acquisition is a Luftverk 000, raw with the stock paint shaving edges on it.

The yoyo is easily one of the very best playing yo-yos I have ever thrown. But it comes with those ‘edges’.

When Jeffrey designed the 000, his vision was a high performance yet bare bones yoyo. Kinda like cutting a ball in half and hollowing it out. And… if you cut a ball in half and didn’t make any attempt to round off the edges, this is exactly what you would get.

Jeffrey is an advanced yoyo player. He is an amazingly good yoyo designer. And he has a very artistic mind and minimalist tendencies. When he decided to combine those positive elements, he came up with a 3 dimensional result of his vision.

But sometimes the very best ideas don’t come without consequences.

So… I get the 000 from the UPS guy, right as I am leaving for work. I opened the box at work and knew I couldn’t wait to get home to take the Death factor out of the recipe.

I get home at 11:00pm and have this brainstorm to go directly into the house and throw my new toy around and risk fate.(bad idea). I decide to put a nice new thicker than I normally use string(bad idea). And decided to start right off with Spirit Bomb(3rd strike).

Everything was fine for about 3 seconds. Until I crossed my hands over to do the pop up. The string locked up and the 000 SMACKED me right on the back of the hand sliced me just like a knife!

Fortunately, the sight of blood does not really faze me unless it is hitting the ceiling, lol.

After the First Aid procedure, I wasted no more time in removing the Impending Doom factor from my 000.

It’s all better now.


My bad, lol

This! I had an experience roughly a month ago while skateboarding. Board slipped out in front of me and all of my body weight crushed my Throw Spiral Kappa. To make matters worse, this was the kappa I had stayed up until 2am EST to snag right when they dropped! Posted a pic of it through Instagram and Jamie from Throw Spiral reached out to me offering to send me his personal Kappa. It just got shipped the other day and I honestly can not wait! I can already tell this is gonna be an fun topic…


Playing while walking up steps.


When I got my B-grade Popstar in the mail I was so excited to throw it that the concrete walkway outside of the post office seemed the perfect place. It came with a string already on it. I was not sure how long the string was so I kept my throw hand up pretty high and took my first (down) throw. WRONG MOVE! The string was at least five feet long and that Popstar kissed the concrete with a loud CHINK!!! resulting in deep gouges on each rim. This happened ten minutes before I had to go across the street snd punch in for work. I was so angry and stressed out as I began my workday. Nowadays, if I know a yoyo is coming in the mail I bring a new string that I have prepared for it.


Took out my case queen A-RT Grail to play with (it’s hard to put down) and even though I was playing over a rug, it hit the ground pretty hard and left some pinpricks. Have been kicking myself everyday since then cause I was trying to keep it pristine and it’s the most expensive throw I’ve bought in awhile, but the good news is now I can play it more comfortably and use it without worrying about it too much. As bummed as I was, yo-yos are meant to be played with after all.


I’m sorry! “Only thrown over carpet” doesn’t mean much, I guess. I think if it’s spinning at a high enough RPMs the carpet / rug strands will really go to work.


Yup. The rug in my living room is on the thinner side and it’s normally fine if something hits it, but for whatever reason it absolutely smacked it this time, and under the rug is some pretty hard tile. Normally I don’t care about pinpricks and stuff but this is literally like one of three yo-yos I was trying to keep pristine smh


I had a Core Co standard in my pocket when I tripped and fell on it with my… rather rotund rear. Not as bent as your kappa and not a kappa but I can kinda relate lol.

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It’s always bittersweet when you ding a self prized yoyo. While it sucks, it also frees you to play with it.

Yea, some people play with obscenely long string lengths. I had a similar experience (no damage) when throwing my Doc Pop Pop Art. I have learned the lesson of long strings on new yoyos in the past (I still can’t help but throw a yoyo if it comes with a string on), and I braced myself for what I consider longer than any string has any right being. Well, it went on and on and hit the carpet. Im 6’ tall and my throw hand was basically at my chin. I know it comes with a counterweight, but who the hell can throw 5A with such an unwieldy string length? I tried playing with it at that length, but hit the tile 3 times out of 5 when trying (no damage cause delrin is great for this kind of thing) and I eventually just put on a realistic length string.


Is the Kappa going to be ok? :flushed:

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If all goes according to plan, it might make an appearance on G2 Jake’s Let’s Cut a Yoyo!



:rofl::rofl: oh well, I love watching her open my yoyos, so the benefits outweighs the cost. Yoyo is still dead smooth too.


Yeah. I had to watch that 4x. I feel bad it happened but it’s kind of funny too. I feel bad for saying that.

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a cat i’d been talking to for a bit was interested a couple throws i had - one was a brand new yyf dna, never been thrown. it was late on like a saturday, past midnight or whatever, and i’d had a couple drinks, hanging out with the wife…

so i go to start digging out the yoyo, to take pics. and my wife’s like ‘do you really need to do this now?’ and i said, ‘no, but the guys a nice guy, he’s been looking for
one… ‘ some unjustifiable nonsense in retrospect now, lol… and on my way to the kitchen i slip, drop it and roll it across the tile floor…

the damage wasn’t bad. a couple pinpricks and the dude was cool about it. but, my wife told me so lol


:rofl::rofl:no worries friend. I can bring it wherever now and not worry about it.

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Have you ever picked up a yoyo and just threw it, without attaching the string to your finger first? Well, I have. Ting ting ting, bouncing across the room. Genius move. At least it was a soft safety throw (ya know, to check for knots first :thinking:).


Was practicing downspike on Kendama in the kitchen… I slammed the tama right into the glass of our few day old $1100 stove… No glass was broken but I felt horrible.


Oh boy, where do I begin with the mess up stories… Let’s start from the beginning.

My first “real” yoyo was the Duncan Metal Racer. I knew how to throw-ish, so I played it dry. I had also bought it at the Duncan yoyo cart at Disney World, so Sean gave me a pack of 5 cotton strings. At this point, I had no idea there was a difference between any string, I just thought string was string. Because I only had a 5 pack, I played the strings till they broke.

So, back to the story. I was staying after school waiting for the Swim team bus, and being a yoyo show off to my friends. I was throwing these huge ‘around the worlds’ over a grassy patch and before I knew it, my 1a yoyo became a 4a yoyo. The string snapped right at the forward pass (which was pretty hard of a throw). So, the yoyo goes flying about 100ft to the concrete sidewalk, bounces into the air, hits concrete again, bounces, hits the asphalt, and rolls for another 50ft. My heart sunk.

I walk over to the damaged throw to see what happened, and this thing is scratched and dinged to high hell. I was so disappointed, but I was able to take it home and sand the sharp edges out.

That yoyo would remain my edc until I stripped the threads and got a new one (that’s how much I love the Metal Racer)

I have plenty other pretty bad yoyo stories, but that is like top 5.


i lol’d so hard!!!