Accidental off string

So today during work, I took a break and went outside to throw a little. Messed up on spirit bomb and yoyo went into a UFO. The yoyo fell off the string and spun on the concrete for a second before I stopped. Now I have a bunch of pin pricks on one side. Has this happened to you? Is this a common occurrence or just a freak accident?

By the way it was a day old to me gradient. Really upset about it. Had to tell someone

I’ve had that happen before. If you UFO long enough the string will completely unwind and the yoyo will fall off the string

Doing UFO loosens the string tension. When you do it for too long, the string unwinds enough for the yoyo to fall off the loop. Since UFO is sideways, the chance of the yoyo falling off the string is much greater

I got a brand new $85 dollar metal throw, the Fidalgo.

First thing I did was walk the dog with it on concrete. I’ve also done this with my confetti Bonfire.

There. :slight_smile:

Is your name Steve Brown by any chance?


lmao posts like these are pathetic. So cool man. You probably worship Steve Brown and Jensen Kimmitt too. Nothing says alpha like intentionally damaging yoyos just to show how much you don’t care. Almost as bad as people who refuse to throw yoyos for fear of damaging them.


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That’s why I open the loop big enough to fit the bearing only. I don’t like stretching my string to go on the yoyo while its screwed on. Unscrew yoyo and barely twist the string to get that perfect small loop.

That’s a little tơ far even for you ;D

I did this with my Y-Factor, but was adjusting string tension via split bottom mount. I went a bit too far and it did a “runaway dog” on me. Fortunately I was on grass so it just rolled a few feet ahead of me and just spun in place until it died out. No marks due to soft landing.

I’ve done UFO’s in the past with my Butterfly yoyo and went too far to where it did a face plant on the ground so fortunately I was aware of things like this happening come 11 or so years later :slight_smile:

That loop gets bigger or smaller due to string tension, regardless of how you put it on the yoyo. It doesn’t “stretch” the string at all to open it up, but unscrewing your yoyo every time you need to put a new string on is definitely one way to wear out the threads really quickly.

or Jrod?

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Ouch geez

Not if you screw it on gently without any screeching :slight_smile:

I feel like I need to buy a new gradient to have a nice pristine one. This purple one can be a beater. Anyone wanna get me a nice present for Father’s Day? I’ll teach you how to ride a bike or take you fishing or something

^ hahaha

I do…
Too many yoyos have dies at the wrath of my hands. :smiley:

But you have it completely wrong, I 100% care, I just do it to get over the fear, equalling less worrying and more enjoying. I have no intention of being “alpha.”

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i see where you’re coming from but it’ll get beat when it happens. Gonna happen eventually.

This ufo getting the yoyo out. Thing gets a point to my mind.

That when you threw horizontal and you know that the yoyo is about to come out and you land it in a finger spin and then bind it like an offstring. That would be super cool.