Don't you just hate it when your yoyoing and...(THREAD)


1. You throw a breakaway and there is a knot in the string so the yoyo nearly takes off your face
2. Someone asks “Can I Try?”
3. You perform your hardest trick and no one is impressed, and then you do a trapeze and it’s like “Holy @#%@ THAT IS MAGIC!!!”
4. You get that gut feeling that you just knotted the string
5. You miss a trapeze
6. You miss judge your distance to the ground and the yoyo slams into it
7. You do something as simple as a bind and all of a sudden this huge bundle knot is formed
8. You get this huge gash in your middle finger where you string goes
9. You get string burn from doing tricks like Monorail, Trapeze, etc.
10. While learning a trick, the yoyo and string end up in a weird configuration and have no idea how to get out

If you like that try comprehending the feeling one can get when you are first learning 5A AND YOU LET GO OF BOTH THE YOYO AND THE COUNTERWEIGHT. Yes, you will never see fear in yourself like that ever again.

Or when you try 4A with your new expensive yoyo think that it is really easy. And you try the Forward Pass like you see it in the videos and it goes ----> that way.

Add more!

(Owen) #2
  1. You start kissing your yoyo cause its just THAT attractive…

What? Only me?


Pretty much. I kiss AND talk to me yoyos.

  1. When you hear a ding and smell burning ano.

(NotATyrant) #4
  1. When you’ve been itching to throw,but just can’t


I’ve just started experiencing this. It’s pretty wild. Bumped my Super G on the floor a couple times and it kept giving me that smell.

(WildCat23) #6

“That smell” is sulfer.


No. That smell is the tears of angels :wink: haha just kidding.

  1. When you throw the hardest breakaway and the string snaps and slams the yoyo straight to the floor.

  1. when you’re trying to do your thing and ladies won’t get off of you.

  1. When there is a knot in the string and you throw a breakaway and it flies at your face, but you matrix dodge it just barely, only to find out your leaned too far back and fall over.

  1. When your a string maker You end up makeing inverse string instead of normal string.

  1. It is time to go to sleep…


Read the first post in the thread

  1. You throw a breakaway and there is a knot in the string so the yoyo nearly takes off your face


When your string snaps and your yoyo goes rolling across the road gathering dinks, dents, and scratches all the way.

  1. When you buy a yoyo you want another

  1. When you feel safer playing with with plastics.


I did read that, however, when I do get that specific knot, after dodging I fell on my butt. He did not mention falling on butts. I thought it would be a nice addition to the list.

Sorry for the confusion.

  1. When you’re listening to some music while yoyoing and all of a sudden the yoyo catches onto your headphones.

(WildCat23) #19

Put the wire under your shirt.


Haha my headphones are my yoyos worst enemy. I usually just put the wire under my shirt