The That Feel Thread - Merged

I’m sure you goes know what I am getting at… I’ll list a few examples

That feel when you barely cut your string to short
That feel when you barely put to much thin lube, and you have to deal with a responsive bearing for a day.
That feel when you tap the concrete, just enough to take off the top layer of paint
That feel when a pretty girl wants to throw your new, special edition, return top.

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I know the feel.

That feel… :frowning: :o

The feeling when you’ve just done a perfect regen, but you miss the first string hit afterwords.
The feeling of a brand new string whipping the air so fast you can feel it sting your non-throw hand.

That feel when you’re practicing 5A and it snags, causing both the yoyo and the counterweight to rocket at your hand, popping a blood vessel and making you yell so loud anyone within 50 feet of you starts to walk away faster…

Oh! I have a few of those!!!
That feel when someone who has never yoyoed before asks to try your most expensive metal.
That feel when your string snaps after throwing a strong sleeper.
That feel when a drop of water gets on your best metal.

That feel ain’t that bad. Wipe it off with my shirt. :wink:

That feel when you have to tell her no.

That feel when you are a man and let her and then you go on and get married.

that feel when you hit yourself in the private parts

that feel when you throw a wicked hard breakaway and the yoyo unwinds like a foot then flys directly at your face due to some kind of knot or something

then that feel right after you successfully go into bullet time and avoid the yoyo from clocking you right in the skull.

That feeling when you bang your yoyo(obviously)
That feeling when you unwind it and the axle is stripped.
That feel when it binds unexpectedly and hit’s you.
Some good feelings.
Than feeling when you pop out of a gt the right way.
That feeling when it’s just a slipknot!!!<---- my favorite
That feeling when you get a new throw.
That feeling when you put on a new string.
That feeling when a bind makes a snapping noise.
Here’s just a few

That feel when the yoyo snags, flies into the air, and breaks a light.

That feel when you hit that banger at a contest
That feel when you land a sworddancer

That feel when she leaves you and takes the yoyo with her.

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That feel when you realize that she played you for the throw.

That feel when she turns into the next Ann Connoly.

That feel when you stop throwing to take out a knot, snap start the yoyo, and get another frickin’ knot.

That feel when you snap start the yoyo when there’s no string on it accidentally and it gets dinged on the floor…

That feel when your yoyo comes up unexpectedly and hits you in the upper lip

That feel when your yoyo hits the ground, but it’s okay.

It’s a beautiful feel.

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