That awkward yoyo moment


That awkward moment when you find yourself in an unfamiliar green triangle and dismount the wrong way getting yourself into a knot… Continue the game!!!

(Amplified) #2

When you do an awesome trick by mistake and forget it after your bind.


When you hit a trick consistently alone, but when you show it to
Other people you never land it. :frowning: lol


When you land a sick trick, then tell someone to watch and you can’t hit it again. This happens way to often


You get your earbuds tangled up in the yoyo in public.


When someone tries to handshake you but there’s a yoyo in your hand


Yes, that happens to me all the time.


When you throw a breakaway and your yoyo hits you in the toe and you cant speak because you’re in so much pain and you stand there like a retarded jack in the box


When you tell someone to watch you do a looping trick and your string snaps

when your 4a throw rolls into the crowd in the middle of a performance

When your yoyofactory holster gets caught on a knob


when your METAL yoyo string-snaps in the middle of “around the world” and flys 2 stories when theres people around you at a party


Lol you basically said what I said haha


When you have a bad loop from a bind and smack your head from the failed breakaway.


when you try to do a trick and you feel as if the yoyo is coming for your head. So you jump and cover your head and someone sees you.


You’re forgetting the best one.

When describing what a un-responsive yoyo is in great detail to someone who’s only ever seen a responsive one and then you throw it down and tug on the string to demonstrate and it magically turns responsive and comes right back to your hand, the person walks away more confused than before.


Throwing a yoyo down and up really fast trying to get one of those weird knots out, someone walks by and says “Wow, your really good at that!”.
“Erm… uhh… thanks!”


When someone who doesn’t know anything about yoyos is watching and thinks that landing a double or noting is more impressive than your greatest combo.


When your yoyo has broke more glass than you have…


When you get a knot in a failed combo and don’t realize that it’s been there for 10inutes. Being so lazy that instead of getting the knot out you just change the string…


When you’re throwing in class and one of your friends says that your style is off…


When your throwing at work and you boss see you. Then they ask you if recess is almost over. Hahahahaha my boss is so funny. :stuck_out_tongue: