Things not to say to a yoyoer

  1. Can you walk the dog ?
  2. Whats your best trick ?
  3. Thats a cheating yoyo ?

Those are my top 3
What other things do you hate hearing as a yoyoer


“You must have a lot of free time.”


“That was how many dollars?!”


“Let me try it”


“No, I swear, I am really good. Just let me try it.”


If I were to meet another yoyoer in the wild, how would I convince them that I am also a thrower? Assuming I don’t have a yoyo with me.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how yoyos work… why won’t it come up?!” face palm


(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #8

When I yoyo in public the worse thing to hear, the absolutely worse thing to hear is silence. I’m glad to answer questions and hear comments, even the same ones over and over. Even though people might think my interest with yoyos is a bit crazy, I hope to always be approachable and never be viewed as a yoyo snob.

(Erik Kerber ) #9

‘Does that thing spin forever?’

Its not that I hate it when people say that but it gets annoying after awhile ;).


I’m definitely of the same approach as skitrz. But what yooldman said rings true, too. I’ve had a few “shake my head” moments when people occasionally say that.

(major_seventh) #11

“How many tricks do you know.”


Walk up and tell them. Talk about your favorite tricks, throws, and other things of the nature. I doubt any respectable thrower wouldn’t beleive you, especially if you sound informed.


Yoyoer replys: "yes, yes of course.

(Erik Kerber ) #14

I usually say ‘no it doesn’t but it does go pretty long.’

(LordCanti) #15

“Is that thing still spinning?”

The only question that drives me insane, I have to hold back sarcastic comments like: “Nope my breathing just sounds like an un-oiled motor” or “Nah, it’s my phone. I have the ringtone set to ‘jet engine’”

Any other questions I’m more than pleased to answer, and maybe someone I talk to will decide to yoyo themselves and I will see them again at some point and can talk about tricks and other stuff. It’s all about that ‘Pay It Forward’ way of thinking. ;D


“Oh, yeah I remember yoyoing in 4th grade”


“Oh that’s easy.”

“Why would you spend that much money on a yoyo?”
Well what would you rather have, a 500 dollar iPhone or a cheap 20 dollar flip phone?

Oh your a “yoyo master” (I REALLY don’t like that term "yoyo master "even though it’s nice of people to say I’m good but there’s just something about that term/name I don’t like.

Also how people suggest Ideas like “there should be a show on tv about yoyos just like they do cars.” It’s cool that there interested or trying to make conversation but in my mind I’m just saying "no no no that’s not how it works you don’t understand. " I just can’t help thinking that (obviously I don’t say it in front of people but I just feel that some people don’t know what there talking about (mainly other kids/teens) I do like it when older people ask “is that a Duncan?” Because then I know that they a least kinda know what a yoyo is and it’s easy to explain to them what these new/modern yoyos are.


“Your and addict!”

“I am sorry but its true.”


“Who would spend over $100 on a piece of metal?”


My personal favorite is " does it do tricks by itself?"

I’ve been asked that at least 3 times.

I mean c’mon!!! It’s pieces of metal hanging from a string