Stuff Yo-yo Guys Say

After watching a few videos on (insert s-word) _____ say, I thought to myself what yo-yo guys say. Add them to this list. This is what I came up with:

Dude, Check out this trick

Yo-yoing is a sport!

can you film this?

Check out my video

;D I got a subscriber!

Psssshhh Rubik’s Cube people

Ann Connolly, you will be mine one day

You should yo-yo too!

Hey, help me name this trick

No, I will not walk the dog

First you do this, then this, then bam, bam, and scene.

My string broke again!

Where the heck is the polyester!

Yoyofactory is the best!!! (Just joking guys, don’t take it too seriously)

Shut up and Take my money!

It’s a lot harder than you think!

Wait, wait, wait… Corli Du Toit is married :o. There goes my future :’(

Why don’t more girls yo-yo!

Strings, Strings everywhere!

Whoah! That was sick! …he shouldn’t have gotten first…

What! He should’ve gotten first!

Why not dubstep?

What the heck is up with all the dubstep!?

Throw Duncan!

No, it’s not a duncan

Hmmm… he’s copying Jensen…

Where’s Jensen?

3A is so hard!

Which yo-yo should I get?

Sorry guys, I can’t go. I’m broke

Can’t, I’m broke

Nope, got no money

No, it’s not a can of chew

Hit ALL the strings

how do I get sponsored?

the singer shouldn’t have won!

Yo-yoing should be on ESPN

You guys should subscribe to my channel


No you can not Try it!

Can I find you on the forums?

I really dig this thread. Good idea.

It’s not broken, it’s unresponsive

Yeah, I used to have a Duncan butterfly too…

What? That’s impossible!

Oh, I landed it.

L/F Chief

How could that knot?





Offer from wants list

Yes, it’s another yoyo.

No, I didn’t need it.

pass me that beer

no I’m no f****ing juggler !

Which CLYW yoyo should i get?

heheheh good one i see that a lot

Yes, it is a REAL yoyo.

It’s not meant to come back up :stuck_out_tongue:

“Yes, Im a yoyoer. No I will not make out with you.”

Happens everyday right? ^

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As soon as I got into college, BAM!, at least three times a day I have chicks swooning over me because of my Suave yoyo skills…

“Where all the white throws at?”


Babe, 100$ on a yoyo is not to much!!!

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Yah, my finger has a six pack.

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No you idiot,this yoyo is not a magic one that magically spins forever and comes up when I imagine it coming up in my mind.

Only 100$? Buys yoyo

Did you just touch the yo-yo while its spinning?

Sorry bro, didn’t mean to hit you in the head. (Did it to my little brother)

It doesn’t come back up unless I bind.

What’s a bind?

You are very talented.

Can I try?


[Enter yoyo model here] is SO BEAST.

No, it doesn’t have a motor.

No, the bearing can’t get any quieter.

It’s still spinning.

It excersises my fingers.


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I have never hit anyone before… on accident

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Nice SnapBack!

My username is:

Yo goin to nats?
You goin to BAC?
You goin to worlds?

I prefer mint and no vibe

This is so like my go-to throw

Can you see the string? Can you see the string now?

Well, I only have 3 Avalanches, so another won’t hurt!

I only throw Yoyojam
I only throw Yoyofactory
I only throw CLYW


Tech is everything
Speed is everything

He copied Jensen Kimmit’s style

Homework is for chumps, the forum is where it’s at


No, yoyoing is not for losers mind you.

Your not fast enough
Slow is boring

Yo man, this is high quality string!