Funny things the general public/non-yoyoers say

First off I apologize for probably making a possible duplicate thread but I don’t really want to necro a past one…actually, perhaps a thread like this can be sticky’d since I’m sure people will be adding to it on their yoyo adventures.

Ok, so about the thread. Pretty much post/share funny things non yoyoers (or the general public as I like to refer them as) say. Hoping to see some unique/funny ones besides ‘walk the dog.’

So earlier I was messing with my modded Flying Panda and trying to land on the string. A kid watches me as I miss a catch and the yoyo takes off behind me. He then asks me “Hey, why don’t you just tie your string on that thing?” I go to make a second attempt and land it and do a couple of barrel rolls/orbits and binded. He was shocked and I explained to him that it was an offstring yoyo, meant for being flung up and catching it on the string.

I heard other comments referring to the 4A yoyo such as “Ooh, Chinese yoyo!” and “Is that even a yoyo?”

Yup, more!
I just love how this one kid I constantly run into at my niece’s softball games just comes up with random names of tricks. He comes up and asks me if I learned anything new this past week (he saw me last weekend and the weekend before). I go and show him “Gondola” when he says “Ooh…Ooh…CARGO BOAT!” (Probably referring to a crane when they load cargo ships). Doing the same trick, my younger niece says “That’s like that one ride at Great America!” (Referring to those cable gondola things at my local amusement park).

And the one that wins the prize: my youngest niece comes running out of my room when she was over, holding my FHZ Pulse and excitedly saying “Wo-wo! Wo-wo!” (Yup, that’s how she says 'yo-yo!)

Today, my kid went to a birthday party. He gave the “guest of honor” a ONE, which I’m fairly sure will be “one with the trash” within a month. At any rate, my boy brought his yoyo bag and was doing tricks for the parents who were able to attend. I had to drop him off and work on video stuff. When I returned to get him, I bought my YYE bag full of yoyos and my Go Big on it, and more throws in my pockets.

I was anticipating doing a yoyo lesson. That sorta happened but other things happened first. Turns out my boy was my warm-up act. I was apparently the “headliner”. I was asked to do a few things. Eiffel Tower, Rock the baby/dizzy baby, jamaican flag, walk the dog, trapeze, double or nothing, and the big crowd pleaser being a ninja vanish. I invited the kids and their parents to my meet on Sunday, who knows, maybe some will show up.

Earlier in the day, after I dropped the boy off at the birthday party, I went to a local jewelry store to get some stuff that had been repaired. A guy asked what those things were on my belt and I said “those are yoyos” and we had a nice little conversation.

I think clearly more people are interested than would like to lead on, and others can’t contain themselves and openly express an interest.

Going back to this documentary that I think was filmed mostly at Worlds 2011, Andre said something along the lines that most people have an experience with the yoyo. I wonder how true this is. I know “back in my day”, yeah, darn near every kid(including me) had one and most of their parents had one when they were a kid.

I personally think it’s great you’re getting kids interested in the yoyo, even if as spectators. This toy was “interactive” before “interactive” became an electronic marketing buzzword.

A few weeks ago i was in the cafeteria line at school. It was a ridiculously long line, so i took out my yyf whip. i pulled of a few semi impressive tricks like boing e boing and mach 5. my fiend comes bye with his dv888 and my other friend with his popstar, and we made a “yoyo act” of sorts.

here comes the good part! so some other kid comes up saying " you guys are crappy yoyoers! you cant even use a real yoyo!"
i asked what he was talking about, naturally. He responded " that yoyo has a bearing on it! thats hella cheap cuz it make it sleep longer!" i said it was a trick yoyo and that was the point of a bearing. He said " thats so cheap! get a real yoyo that doesnt have that cheap a** bearing in it!" at that point, my friends and I were baffled by his stupidity.

You can rebut him by claiming that by his logic, people now would still be playing badminton with heavy wooden rackets instead of carbon fibre ones. Argument invalid. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that a trick yoyo?

lol, how did he know about bearings? His theory also means using sneakers for running is cheating or riding a mountain bike on a mountain is cheating.

Back on topic, I get a lot of wows and how dod you do that" And the classic, “Can you walk the dog?”

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I know, right! I get this every time.

Whenever I’m using an unresponsive yoyo and bind people say “Why doesn’t it come back up when you tug?”

People think I have a yoyo that will keep going forever and that that’s cheating

“Stop using a cheater yoyo, it spins for to long.”

“Aaah, a toy” said in a demeaning tone.

“Does it do that automatically?”

My friend who I had convinced to buy a proz was using it in front of some kids and one of the kids who was watching said that he was cheating and using an electric yoyo. When asked why, he said it sounded electric.

I get that one too! Plus I get people are have no idea what they are doing and they ask to “try” the yoyo as if it will play like the fixed axle they are more familiar with. I started carrying one of my old YYJ to let them use since I had one person smack my ywet onto the pavement leaving it with a nasty vibe.

…and yes, its a TRICK yoyo!


Some lady came up today to me. She said she LOVES yo-yos. She was kinda odd. But really nice. My bro let her use her speed dial. She loved it. I told her about this site. I said some yo-yos are really expensive, I only said $100 she was like woah… Haha, I hope she buys some stuff.

Hey, maybe a new customer for YYE!

Oh yeah, I was at my lake, tons of looks, one kid was like what is that?? I was like, a yo-yo.
It was fun. :smiley:

That reminds me of a very funny story! One time, I was at my dad’s restaurant showing off my yoyo skills, one of our customers while with his friends said he could the same tricks (I was doing eli hops). At the time, I also had a FH2 with me, so I tossed it to him and said “Show me.” Long story short, he couldn’t get the yoyo back up ;D And I’m talking about a middle aged man lol.

Well, most people just stare as they walk by. This is a little off topic, but my idea of Paul Han’s BombSquadSF is excellent because yoyoers and skaters alike can ger along and converse. I wish the non-yoyoing community was like that.

“Wow ,I can’t even make it go down and up!”

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I yoyo in a mall and most people walk by but I get just about everything all the time, all day long.

“what is that?”
“thats not a real yoyo”
“cheater, its got a little motor”
“dude, your like a pro”
“you must be the best in the world”
“copycat! You just want to be like that guy on Americas got talent.”
“you are talented”
“thanks for the show”
“why doesn’t it come back on its own”
“thats a trick yoyo, you should get a real yoyo.”
“what? It’s got a bearing. It’s that cheating? Can’t you get it to spin that long on your own?”
“seriously, a grown man playing with a toy?”
“whoa, it’s a magic trick”
“real yoyo don’t do that”
“real yoyos don’t sleep that long”
“where can I get a yoyo like that”
“is that a Duncan”

I could go on forever but im sure others want to post on this thread to. ;D

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when people say that, i just use the analogy of a race car. i say “if it is cheating to use a bearing in yo-yoing, then how come it isn’t when a race car driver uses a ferrari or formula one. those have special engines and mechanics that allow the car to go faster. would they be cheating if they weren’t using model Ts?” that usually shuts them up :wink:

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