50 Facts

Hey guys, can you give me 50 or more facts about yo-yoers? Doing it for a facebook thing.

  1. It’s a lot easier than it looks.

  2. It pains us to walk the dog

  3. When you ask us why we spent 50 bucks on a yo-yo, we will ask you how much those shoes cost that you’re walking in and dirtying up.

  4. We don’t walk the dog anymore, instead we do this: Insert crazy trick

  5. No I’m not pro.

  6. Yes there is such a thing as professional yo-yo players.

  1. Yoyoers always have a yoyo with them. ALWAYS
  2. Yoyoers get soar arms from throwing.
  3. We hate when we people say: why would you spend 100$ on a yoyo.
  4. We yoyo.

11.The yoyo was brought to America in the Mid to late 1920’s by Pedro Flores.

12: Yoyo’s were never used a wepons, that is a lie.
13: Duncan is not the best yoyo company ever.
14: No, my yoyo doesn’t run on a motor.
15: No, a ball bearing is not the same thing as a motor.
16: Yes, it’s spinning.
17: No, I havn’t been doing this for 15 years.
18: No, I won’t do walk the dog.

19: No, this is not all I do.
20: No, your mom didn’t teach me that yoyo trick.
21: No, I do have a life. Trust me.
22: No, I will not let you walk the dog with my $120 yoyo.
23: Yes, my yoyo finger has a 6 pack.

That is the best thing ever! Bahahahahahahaha!!! That is sig worthy for someone.

“ooohhh thts nice let me try” me: “its not gonna come up” them: “why?” Me: “you have to bind(so i bind) them: “thts retarded” me:” no its not" heres a fact, dont let someone who doesnt know how to bind even tpuch it, youll spend a while argueing

  1. No, I did not buy this for $500. (that applies for most yoyoers…)
  1. We don’t really care what most people think.
  2. We do it for fun
  3. No, a brain yoyo is not better than my :insert nice yoyo here:
    (#1 doesn’t apply to me :’( lol)
  4. No, Duncan is not the only brand.
  1. No, its my splash yoyo, i didnt throw any liquid on it. (my friends non stop says like thie…its very annoying…)
  1. Yes aerodynamics is important.
  2. No yoyo’s that only go up and down are for novelty purposes only.
  3. Yes 4A is harder than Diabolo.

What kind of things are we wanting? I read facts and thought things like 11, but then I see all these other things.

  1. Yes, my Genesis is supposed to like like that, it’s not dirty or scratched up, it’s aqua splatter

you should check out the “you know your obssed with yoyoing when you” thread.

Take a look at my siggy… :wink:

(This idea came from an insult somebody told me at school! :D)

  1. There are 5 main differant types of ways to play with your yoyo.
  2. That ball on the end is a counter wieght.
  3. yoyoers stop to eat food.
    36. i just realized when i press the shift button on my laptop 5 times it makes a cool beep sound
    36.metal yoyo’s are not a fantasy.
    37 most of us don’t sleep with it!
  5. Usually when we you think we are showing off were practicing.
  6. We bring it everywerer becuse it fist in the pocket.

These are not really facts… they are catch phrases and little statements.

it was just the way i worded it… i changed it a little bit…

Sorry guys for wording it weird. It’s more of a factual thing. Those stuff about the money and pricing are good and all but that’s too much. Give us some facts about us as a community.

  1. If we hit you then we’re really sorry but underneath we’re laughing it up.
  1. We practice 25 hours a day, 8 days a week 366 days a year.
  2. We dont get any thing more than friends, time consumption, good times and a missed homework assignment here and there.