Does this ever happen to you?

Do 99% of all non-yo-yoers ask you to walk the dog with your very expensive metal? Or is this just me?

Yep all the time

It’s just you. I’ve been asked three times at most.

All the time. Explain to them that you don’t want to ding up your yoyo, as yoyos are expensive, and then show them an arm grind.

Of course, you should explain it to them in a friendly manner. Most non yoyoists only know a few tricks - Walk the dog, rock the baby, etc., and saying that you can’t do one of the most iconic yoyo tricks can be quite crushing.

Of course they do. They don’t look at you and see you playing with a “very expensive metal”. They see a yo-yo. Walk the Dog is probably the most widely known trick. If I happen to be standing on carpet I do it. If not, I explain why.

And… your avatar is great. Never have enough cowbell. :slight_smile:

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I do arm grinds for them, it just gets old after awhile.

I hate the explanatory part -_- They usually say “Wow, who spends 100$ on a yoyo? Get a life”.

Thanks, and we do need more cowbell.

Sir, you are not alone… >:(

But the easy way out is to arm grind for a long time, then lets just say the jaw meets the ground! :wink:

Telling someone how much the yo-yo costs isn’t part of the explanation. My discussion is based on a piece of metal spinning at high speeds and what concrete’s surface would likely do to it.

no they just look at me like what is that fast flying metal thing lol

Someone probably knows Rooster Teeth.

If this makes no sense to you, that’s fine.

I love Rooster Teeth, especially RvB.

And yes I get it too!

Lol everyone does if I’m in public ill purposely carry a beater just to do walk the dog or if they want to throw it. Learned my lesson with letting people try it haha

Every day :frowning: (Makes me want to punch them in the face but still do it)

That is why yoyo factory came up with the 888 to show people how to walk dogs and take out your
Anger on a beater :slight_smile:

tell me about it…

my girlfriends roommate stole my Capless and tried to walk the dog on TILE. ZOMGGG :o I flipped. She also tried to throw a sleeper while sitting over the tile. She was 1cm away from hitting it when it unrolled. ZOMG almost died again…

People just don’t understand YoYo’s

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Yeah, that’s what everyone asks when they see me yoyo. They’d rather see me do walk the dog then revolutions.

then you obviously have no business being a performer and should not yoyo in public. get over it.