How times are you asked if you can Walk The Dog

Ok, how many time are you asked if you can Walk The Dog i get tired of this sometimes the worst incident of this was at fair i was yoyoing and i was aked if i could walk the dog like fifty times before so one person comes up and asks when i was doing ladder escape and i told them i couldn’t and told i was the worst yoyoer ever since that happened i always reply with a yes
So reply with your worst (Can you walk The Dog story!)

lol i’ve been asked a lot of times. Never do it now that i got my Dv888. I guess i dont have a horror story about any of them, just a lot of people asking me to do it. :slight_smile:

Eh, it’s kind of annoying but I don’t really care about it.

I guess it would just be people always asking if I can do walk the dog.

(I think we’ve had a topic similar to this but I might be wrong.)

Well with a little “stretching” of the trick list I had a smirky way of answering this question to someone. I was just out with my week old DM and someone came up to me sort of laughing and said is that a yoyo. I replied with just a normal “yeah”. He then told me about all the cool tricks he did years ago when he use to yoyo. He was with a few other people (both guys and girls, girls telling him to sort of leave me alone ((I believe they didn’t want me to feel bad because this guy was better than me))). He then asked me if I could walk the dog. I told him I could do it for about a foot nothing really longer than that (yes my plan was already into the works at this moment). He then bragged about how he was able to do 10 foot walk the dogs. I said with a very calm tone “well here’s my walk the dog”. I then proceeded to pop the yoyo onto my arm and grind up my arm and with LUCK I pulled it back into a weird one arm trapeze catch (sorry guys if there’s actually a name to this I was just goofing around). Then with a slight grin I had said “my forearm is only about a foot long so I can’t do it any further.”
I got quite a bit of praise and I made someone, whose intentions were to hurt my feelings, shut up and feel sorry he said something stupid.
In short when I’m asked a profoundly dumb question I make people shut up in the most polite way I can.
side non-yoyo related note: I got a few phone numbers because they thought I was nice and funny
1 - “geeky yoyo guy” :: 0 - “guy who bragged”

@EmptySea - lmreo

Yeah, I just do arm grinds now. On the rare occasion that I can do a palm grind or finger grind, I say the dog’s using the bathroom. lol.

The players in my neighbourhood are all basic players so i get many people asking whether i can walk the dog.Normally i just say yes but when those that like to brag ask about it,i just say i can only do it on my hand.[grinding]

i get asked all the time. it’s a simple trick that everyone knows and likes.

a long time ago, i kind of made a promise to myself that i would absolutely do it ANY time a stranger asks. they’re trying to connect with you and with your yo-yoing. they don’t care about ladder escape or you tying knots. to you that might be interesting, but nobody connects with technicality… and i’m sorry, but most yo-yoers (even experienced ones) do NOT make those tricks ‘look good’. people get turned on by yo-yoing that ‘looks easy’, and by and large, most yo-yo players are all about doing things that ‘look hard’. we get all uptight about preserving our equipment or about how we’re not going to stoop to that level, but a little sandpaper goes a long way, and that trick is probably the most direct way to bring a kid (or an adult) into yo-yoing.

sometimes i get asked and i have a beat old wood yo-yo. other times i have my mg or pure or something. same difference. walk the dog.

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Good point. If doing a walk the dog or rock the baby makes someone happy, why not do it?
P.S. - The Duncan tour starts off with doing those basic tricks.

My story’s the same as Emptysea’s(without the bragging guy). They ask me to do walk the dog, I give them arm grinds. Of course I do occasionally walk the dog on my FH2. And it also depends on the floor. I know that I’m being overly-protective when I refuse to walk the dog on a stone or dirt floor with my DM, but it’s just second nature. Many people can’t help but keep yo-yos in as mint condition as possible.

And as ed said, it’s the best way to bring anyone into yo-yoing. So whenever someone asks for it, at least try to substitute it with arm grinds. I’ve had many people say that I can walk the dog up my arm. At least they recognize it as something similar.

I get asked EVERY time I yo-yo in public, and my answer is:
“Yes I can, let me show you the way we do it now”
and then I do an arm grind and pop it off my elbow back into a trapeze.

A countless number…

I agree with Ed, we do have a responsibility to allow others to connect to us through the yo-yoing.

At the same time though, it wasn’t watching Andre “walk the dog” that got me interested in yo-yoing again. I think it’s important that we show off some new school stuff, just to demonstrate what the hobby is today.

Honestly, I probably would not have went through the “trouble” of ordering a Dark Magic unless I knew more tricks than “rock the baby” waited for me. Just my opinion I guess.

I dont mind show it… I prefer a grind because I dont want to ding my G5 or GM2, But I’d walk my legacy, or Die-Nasty or DM… I like to walk it and go “No! Bad dog” And plastic whip it and one hand bind real quick…

I love to rock the baby… There like cool… Then just dizzy baby…Then move the “Cradle” Up and down from the top to bottom you know…

Alot of people ask me this question… alot. When I’m asked, I usually have my dv888 or my 888 and I don’t really want to walk the dog with those, lol. I don’t have any crazy story to go along with it… I’ve just been asked alot.

Another question people ask constanly is “Is that still spinning?”

Lol when Samad first started to teach me sorta, he would get mad when people would ask and I would laugh not understanding. Now it’s the biggest pain in the butt ever! Especially when they go oh you suck then! (as im dong ladder escape or somthing!) It’s so annoying!

Oh don’t get me wrong I would love to do nifty tricks to show people how they are done, but the only reason why I don’t do walk the dog is because I’m in very little money and don’t wanna mess up my only good yoyo at the moment. Once I get another yoyo I don’t really care what happens to my DM. If I had brought a mosquito or a butterfly with me I would’ve done it without question because I don’t like showing off that much because I’m fairly unlucky. The moment I’d try to do something cool I’d goof up and end up eating metal or something. When I try to teach people I always show them walk the dog because if you don’t see why that’s such a special trick to people then replay with a butterfly again and start being aggravated that you can’t get a sleeper going lol. I’ll let my “apprentice” (I only use that word because I’m only teaching one person at the moment) use my DM because I know it can be a little aggravating. While he’s using the DM, I’ll use a mosquito to show him what it looks like.
I try to be humble to people’s requests because I know that everyone doesn’t have the time that I do to devote to learning new things. If you guys really think that “can you walk the dog” is an annoying question. Try being the only person in a town that can solve a rubik’s cube. You get roughly the same question “Can you even get one side on that thing?”. I know its a dumb question to “educated” people but to some people its a way of asking help or merely to just be fascinated by what people can do.
I know my previous post made it sound like i was “too good” for them, but that was really the only time I showed off. Most of the time I walk around with my mosquito and I’ll be the performing monkey everyone loves. I will do anything from loops, around the world, walk the dog, walk the cat (for the girls who don’t like dogs) and the occasional killing the baby swing.
Just remember guys, “there are no dumb questions”.

side note
I was asked to walk the dog again today, and i just so happen to have my Hayabusa SL. That yoyo in my opinion was meant to be beaten up so I went all for it (I had it on the string don’t worry guys I didn’t have a crazy blue and yellow dog on the loose). then for fun i shown them a trapeze (only because rock the baby with that giant thing would’ve been over my difficulty level).

Have fun guys and remember to have fun while yoyoing.

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i don’t mean that TRICKS like ‘walk the dog’ or ‘rock the baby’ are what brings people in. it’s the CONNECTION that you can offer people who ask that does it. being willing to get off our high horse and do some requests leaves people with a favorable impression of yo-yoing, rather than seeing it as some self-involved, introspective little obsession. presumably, they wouldn’t have asked you to walk the dog if they hadn’t seen you doing something more complicated, even if they couldn’t perceive its difficulty.

I like walking the dog with Aaron Bendet’s Eetsit! True story. SCR 08!

Yeah Ed’s right. Its not the trick. Its the connection between what you tell them and maybe a little bit of the tricks. I’ve talked people into trying to yoyo without ever showing them a trick. The yoyo is just an attention getter. Then its all up to you and what you say.