Who else is tired of doing a BA trick and then getting asked to walk the dog

i was showing my class a sick combo: cold fusion into roller coaster into green triangle into suicide and the only thing they could say is…can you walk the dog.

No, generally I do it. To us yoyoers, walk the dog and similar tricks are rather trivial. But to non yoyoers, walk the dog brings back memories of when they used to play with yoyos.

Sometimes doing simple tricks and making the audience happy is better than doing very complex tricks just to impress them and show off your skill.


i have then they can you walk the cat and im like WHAT?


Shouting is rude and it appears that you only want us to say what you want to hear. If this was meant to be funny or sarcastic you need to let us know with smilies or maybe something in quotes.

I walk the dog for people. My best is nothing fun to watch for those that are better than myself. I’m glad they show me things that interest me and find boring.

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thats the right attitude.

I find my throwing while working at my in-laws beauty/barber college helps distract many kids from when they are crying their eyes out over getting a haircut, or entertaining other little kids who are bored either waiting for their own haircut or waiting for a parent or sibling to get done.

I can’t do much. But I constantly get requests for walk the dog. And the dog gets walked. Enough said. Keep the people happy.

Gotta agree with the trivial tricks. To us, they’re mundane and boring.
But to others, these bring back nostalgia and they can associate with what they know.

I’ll start with a walk the dog or rock the baby, and continue in to the more advanced tricks. I find that it catches them early and then they seem to be more interested in the more intricate tricks.

Just my two cents,


How many people that you show your yoyoing to ask to see trapeze or brain twister…probably none. They ask for what they know and you can’t pennalize them for that. The person is trying to show genuine interest and requesting a trick that they are familliar with. Nothing wrong there. If you don’t want the obvious questions asked then just don’t yoyo around them, nuf said.

Alright, now when given those two choices, which one would be the most simple and require the less amount of trouble?

  • perform the trick “walk the dog” with a yoyo
  • be rude to people and then complain about it on a forum

if you are performing for uneducated people, you have to perform according to their understanding, not yours. if you do not understand that concept, that’s fine, but then don’t perform in front of an uneducated audience unless you actually want to be disappointed and frustrated.

now an example

how do you think an audience who came to see Nicki Minaj would react if you played that instead?

if you want to show off your skills, go to contests

I don’t really go out of my way to perform for anyone since I don’t have any interest in it, but if I did, I don’t agree that there is any reason I should have to perform what they want to see. If I’m the performer, I do what I like to do. People understand skill and creativity regardless of whether or not they share your passion for the activity. Show it to them, and they’ll like it. If they don’t respond, your presentation needs work. Dumbing down your performance to ensure cheap applause is a solution, but not the ideal one.

People who know their customer get to eat. It’s just like buying goods for a store. Example I bought groceries for a retail for about 5 years prior to my current position. I’m allergic to eggs does it mean I wouldn’t buy eggs? That’s crazy at that location eggs and related items were worth 250000 a year plus all the associated sales. Performing is selling your goods.

Its simple. Just do an arm grind and tell them its the new walk the dog because grinding it on the floor damages the yoyo. You get to do the more advanced trick and they leave even more impressed!

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This is why I don’t like doing tricks that have a lot of tech. I like simple tricks more because non yoyoers can see what I’m doing and they’re already impressed by the most simple things…like binding.
As for walking the dog, I ask people to stick their arm out and I’ll let my yoyo grind there.

Don’t be a jerk and just walk the dog and rock the baby.

I walk the dog very well indeed.

If you’re doing tricks to entertain people, then entertain them. Whatever that means.

But, I must say I would get annoyed by that too. I mean frankly its annoying how many times this same thing has been said on these forums. Like everyone in the world only ever wants to see walk the dog, its kind of weird. I get them being nostalgic but like you’d think sometime in their life they’d move on and have some appreciation for the more complicated stuff.

Honestly how many of us here spent all our time on walk the dog early on? I didn’t, I wanted to get to the good stuff.

Based on the first and last sentences I would say what you’re describing is the difference between an artist and a whore. If you’re performing just for the accolades or the prize or whatever, then by all means sell out and do whatever your audience wants you to do. But, that’s not the only way to do it and it’s not the way I would personally do it. I really would rather get a lukewarm reception doing something original that I believed in than a standing ovation for a performance that I wasn’t proud of. If I’m not committing to my own style then I don’t see the point.

Obviously if you’re performing for kids or something where the goal was to teach or entertain I would take this less seriously but that’s my general outlook on this sort of thing, yoyo’ing or otherwise.

Lol, some guy asked me if i could do split the atom like a week ago and i got so excited.

My neighbors across the street just got some yoyos from their school (Yay NED show!) as I saw them messing around with them I couldn’t help it but grab a couple of my yoyos and walk over and talk to them. I showed them a few simple advanced tricks (like Gyro Flop and Boingy Boing) and they were pretty impressed. They didn’t ask me about walking the dog bu I decided to show them some of the classics like Rock the Baby, Eiffel Tower, “Yo,” and finally ended it with an arm grind.

Personally, I don’t mind it but I usually just do an armgrind and explain to them that metal isn’t really meant for being ‘walked.’ If I am on carpet, then I will do differently and actually walk it. In the end, I don’t want to shine someone’s interest off just because they want to see a trick from their day. I do like to throw in other tricks just to show them some variation and more than just walking the dog…especially these days.

this happens ALOT, even when they see the yoyo on my holder they ask to walk the dog, i dont get mad, but i get a confused look, i did something pretty complex, but all they want to see is walking the dog, but i like to mix it up a bit with some humor, like i walk it up to them and bounce it up and hold and say “oh dont mind him, hes just doing his buisness” brings smiles all the time.