Tricks people ask you to do

When ever I’m yoyoing people ALLWAYS ask me to walk the dog, and quite frankly I hate that trick. Especcially when I’m holding a metal yoyo and I’m on concrete. So what are some ‘well known’ tricks people have asked you to do? Once somebody asked me to do yakki slack, it took me a minuit to realize they ment yuuki. lol

If someone asks me to do a trick, I do it. They don’t have to kiss my boot.

A request for walk the dog results in an arm grind, unless I have a plastic or my dv888.

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arm grind, good idea! i just see this happening to me: then they go… Why didnt you do it on the floor? Then you go “well its a $100 yoyo” then they go “why would you spend that much on a yoyo?” then i go “i like yoyos” then they go… well you get it… but for now on im going to do the arm grind and say its the “new” walk the dog

oh and my friends usually go “whoa” when i do boing e boing sp? over under and ask me to do it again. or just any trick that looked smooth they would ask me to do again.


ya when people ask me to do walk the dog i just do a arm grind, most of the time they think its cooler then walk the dog,but if they dont i end up explaining why lol.

no one at my school can name any tricks for me to do… i rarely hear people say do walk the dog…

Arm Grind. Or I explain that what they are standing on is very bad if a spinning yoyo touches that.

You could also just say, “I don’t want my yoyo to get scratched, cause it looks cooler.” Then you’ll be done–no making excuses why you can’t do the trick or having to deal with the annoying question, “Why would you spend over $100 on a yoyo,” which I get a lot.

Nuf said :wink:

yup, i go back, find one of my old posts, and answer with an old post. yeah im coo like dat 8)

grinds are nice
eli hops, gyro flop, mach 5, boingy boing, those are tricks for people

about the “how can you spend that much” question, it’s really easy to answer

  • how could you spend that much on a TV that only ends up making buying other useless cr4p?
  • how much costs the air conditionning in your car ?
  • how much did you spend for your new fancy mobile phone ?
  • why did you spend that much on a video game or console ?

People spend their money on so much nunchuck these days, they’re hardly in a position to judge. They actually spend hundreds if not thousands for other people to actually put thoughts in their own brains, and that’s civilization boys…

ooops, went too far… sorry

Good ol’ hadoq ;D

dude you are SO RIGHT! my freinds go all the time “why did you spend 60 bucks on a YOYO!” and i go, “why did you spend 300 bucks on a wii?” ahhhh so refreshing to see someone with a mind :smiley:

Ha hadoq, nice one.

I can completely understand people wanting to keep their yoyos, on which they’ve spent their hard-earned cash, in top condition. However, I don’t see a reason to get frustrated when people ask to see Walk the Dog. For the non-enthusiast, that’s a way to show interest in what you’re doing.

To quote Ed Haponik…

“walk the dog is hard for some people; maybe the hardest trick out there. and it’s not because of any technical difficulty (obviously), but because it asks the player to ‘lower’ themselves - to step off of a pedestal which we spend so much of our waking life polishing. ‘i’ve worked on this for so long, and i can do all this STUFF, and this yo-yo costs $100! and you in your ignorance want me to do the one simple, stupid yo-yo trick you know???’ dings sand out nicely, i promise. if you’re afraid to ding your $100 yo-yo, to whom does it belong? if your skill is such that it chains you to your pedestal, than its more a burden than a gift.”

Once again, I understand not wanting to ding your yoyo, because that’s just being responsible with your stuff, but don’t get offended by people asking to see the one trick they’ve heard of or that they actually remember from when they used to do it.

i got shoot the moon once. tbh i don’t even think i can do that with a looping yoyo so i just did eli hops instead. it seemed to successfully distract the suggester.

This is so true, but actually you can see this in music as well. Many musicians, once they become good, start to play more and more complicated and technical music and they don’t understand the beauty of simple chords or melodies anymore, it HAS TO be technical, complicated and whatnot.

But when you see many of the great musicians who actually make it (not saying “all” here), many of the well respected musicians can play simple and make the simple amazing (what brand’s slogan was that again?). Take people like Roy Hargrove with his RH Factor project for example, as well as many of his collabs (badu, Dangelo etc…), Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, all awesome, brilliant musicians, playing fairly simple yet true high quality music. I think when you watch people like Steve Brown you can get what I mean, it’s not THAT technical or impressive, but it has meaning and it speaks to people.

So I do believe that in art in general, the simplest tends to become the hardest as you make progress. And only the true artists can grasp on the beauty of simple things and show it to people.

It doesn’t matter how many chords you have in a song, as long as you have the best ones. Finding these “best ones” is what takes a MASSIVE amount of culture, experience, research, failure, courage, inspiration, work, even technique etc… etc… stuff like this took me years to understand

Technique is like vocabulary and your performance is a story. If you’re “talking” to the general public, you want them to understand what you have to say, so if you use complicated words they might be impressed, but they most likely will not get your message.

The performance will not be the same in front of a general public than it would be in Worlds on the stage. Obviously, because in one case you have an uneducated (in yoyo that is) public that will enjoy “showy” tricks like eli hops, gyro flop and whatnot, in the other case you have highly educated public who’s capable of understanding all the subtle and highly technical aspects of your performance.

But if you perform in front of the general public, it can be interesting to actually “educate” them. Start with eli hops and whatnot, maybe end up in more technical tricks afterwards, maybe slacks, a few intricate etc… but always start with something that will hook them at first, then you have their attention to go further.

psst… hadoq… it helps to not write books if you want your post read :slight_smile: i dont often write books, and when i do, i usually spread it out over several different posts

Hadoq does like to make some long posts, but I think this one is worth the read. Some very interesting things to think about.

personally, i always read his posts, i am merely saying SOME might not… and i usually agree with hadoq completely. Kyle, are you in school atm? i want to say you are :slight_smile:

Normally people just say to me SPIN IT AGAIN :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… um… you see…

haha, I’m homeschooled, so I’m kinda reading physics right now while checking my computer every now and then. I’m actually waiting for an email…

Oh and by the way, since I happen to be posting in this thread again, I just wanted to also mention one of the funnier times someone asked me to do a trick. I was out somewhere and this guy saw me throwing and is like “Can you do… uhh… what’s it called… Rockin’ yo baby? Yeah! Rock yo baby!” Of course I proceeded to perform Rock the Baby, all the while restraining my laughter. :smiley:

Kyle, good luck with physics :slight_smile: I kinda wish I was homeschooled. anyone else hate “rock the cradle”?