Does this ever happen to you?

Ya I’ll have my Majesty and people don’t understand that it’ll damage it or theyll say “it’s just a trick yoyo I could do all that if I had one”

I’ve never EVER had anyone think they could do what I do if they had the same kind of yoyo. Sure, SOME people who have used yoyos before (Imperial style, usually) recognize that trapeze is easier because of the huge gap and wide catch zone.

They are correct. It IS easier because of the huge gap and wide catch zone.

But even those people don’t think they could do all the other kind of hopping around, boinging, whips or anything. Or if they do, they keep their opinion to themselves and watch the “show”. Some people don’t care at all, but those that watch are invariably impressed. And I’m not even that great.

I don’t know where all y’all meet these people. They’re either idiots, jerks, or both! Thank god I haven’t run across them.

To the original question: yeah, I’ve had people ask if I can walk the dog. They don’t do this because they think walk the dog is the coolest trick ever. They do it because they want to be “involved” in the conversation and that’s one of the only tricks they know the name for. And if you actually do it for them, you’ve involved them even more. “That person did the trick I requested by name!”

By invoking the name of a real yoyo trick, they are now promoting themselves from “totally clueless” (don’t mean that in a mean way) to “knowledgable about at least SOMETHING.” We all do this. I don’t know motorcycles, but I might still ask someone if they like bikes built around a V-Twin engine.

I say either walk the dog for them or explain why you can’t/won’t with as much humility as possible. Instead of “Are you kidding me? This yoyo is too expensive to damage on this surface,” try something like “this yoyo doesn’t work well for walk the dog. I can rock the baby, though!”

Lol. I keep a beater with me just to say “okay, prove it.”
Now, back to the topic, I would find a good beater metal to bring outside. My smashed raptor is my example of the day.


Yes all the time I do a finger grind to please them and then they ask if you could do that on the floor so now I have decided to carry around a Yoyo I can beat up.

I also do this now, I let a noob try my avalanche and the first thing he did was walk the dog on the sidewalk :’(

I thought I was the only person that got asked that while holding like a $70 yoyo! lol

i feel so bad for you

Another one of these threads…

a kid in my 5th hour class will ask me to hit him with the yoyo spining, then he backs out, then he want to touch it while it’s spinning… i actually hit him in the face today with boomerang…right in front of the only girl i have met who was interested enough in yoyos to carry an intelegent conversation.

the last time i let someone use my capless she smashed it into the assphalt :’(

Acually it was created as a serious competition throw and a fun recreational throw -_-

I dare you to say that to yukki spencer lol!

I know, I’m glad when people show interest.

well I use it to take out my anger on it

Lol same here. And yes, i have an 888 that i never bring around becaus ei almost wrecked it completely. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tell them I dont know it but I know “walk the cat”

did Eli throw the 888 of a balcony

I carry a looper for this now and throw out a few responsive tricks while I’m at it. I learned to never trust flooring other than carpet the hard way. I thought the tile looked as smooth as glass boy was I wrong and hence forth my dynamo became a beater.

It’s not just you, it also happens to this guy:

Happens to me all the time, :o but they don’t ask, when I let en throw one in the grass, they run off and Walk The Dog on the pavement where it’s smoother :o.

They ask me and I tell them. Hey watch this and I grind it up my arm tell them I walked it up my arm that walking the dogs to easy and they all go ooooo ahhhh lol