Walk the Dog

Question - ‘Can you do a walk the dog?’
Answer - ‘Yes! Would you like to see one?’

There. Please stop whining about walk the dog. Its a great trick, especially when it means you can run around the room and get away with it. I, for one, will gladly do a walk the dog for anyone who asks, then show them how to do it. If I saw a pro doing a walk the dog at a contest, I would stand up, cheer and clap, then shake the performers hand afterwards.
My wife often watches me yoyo, and I do fancy tricks, then do a walk the dog, and she cheers. Folk always ask to see this trick, therefore making it the most popular yoyo trick.

Thankyou. Rant over. Mostly.


Walk the dog is so last year bud, it’s all about “around the world” thats a trick!

Haha! I hear you matey!

Na na you old people have it all wrong, the hip thing is rock the baby cradle.Lol

Shoot the Moon’s where it’s at.

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your right everyone wants to see walk the dog. also the around the world rock the baby are also great old school tricks that people want to see. like you if I saw a pro do a walk the dog I would stand up and cheer all those old school tricks are the beginnings of the fancy new tricks that are out there. All yoyoers should learn those ;D

I still say loop’the’loop is the bomb!!!Ya dig dog!!! ;D

Yoyo Jedi’s can do all of the above!

Awsome,i’m a yoyo jedi.

The force is strong with this one.

“Yoyo in hand you must keep”
Above-bad yoda impression-Lol

People respect you more if you talk out of order, they do.


but the real problem about the walk the dog trick comes when you have an expensive metal yoyo. if you are over concrete or gravel or something, it will damage the anno/coating. i love the coating of my hatrick and i will not walk the dog with it except on carpet

Totally agree, but if I had a protostar, I would. I am one of those guys that will walk the dog with every throw, besides his main throw.

You know, if you just got a yoyo, and you don’t want to bust up the finish right away, and someone asks you to, if you actually explain to them in a logical way the reason that you don’t want to, most people will get where you come from. Example:

“Hey, can you walk the dog?”

“Man, I can, and I’d love to, but I just got this yoyo a few days ago. Walking the dog does real damage to the metal, and scratches and marks it up something awful, and I’d rather not do it when its new.”

All you have to do. People respect that more than a “No, let me show you Plan D.” Of course, walking the dog is fun and encouraged by me, but some people don’t like to, and I respect that.

I recently had the opportunity to do a impromptu yoyo performance (at a song-writing competition of all places hahaha) because the judges were taking longer than expected to tally the results and they needed some entertainment. I got up and started doing my usual stuff, even trying to throw in some crowd-pleasing tricks like Eli Hops and Boingy-boing. But, after a minute of that stuff, the whole crowd starts chanting “WALK THE DOG, WALK THE DOG!” I did, of course, and got a huge round of applause, at which time I walked off stage and got several handshakes and “Great job, man”'s.

I don’t mind people not wanting to walk the dog over like asphalt or something if it’s a yoyo you’ve saved up forever for, but hey, definitely do it every reasonable chance you get where people want to see it. It’ll probably make someone’s day.

J.Lev pretty much summed up what I was going to say…

When such an occasion arises, and I am nowhere near a carpet, I am fortunate enough to still have my old rubber Henry Viper…A bit of oil, and a fancy string, and it will walk the dog over as much concrete, paving stone and asphalt as you like.

But yes…A simple explanation will do.

I do walk the dog on my arm ;D

I reply that way to. I usually reply:

"Sorry, but I feel uncomfortable walking the dog. It can scratch the paint and maybe grind the plastic forcing it to be uneven and create a vibe that will affect my play. Maybe I’ll show you next time with my other yo-yo or if we’re on carpet or hardwood.

Hard wood will still damage it. And i agree with bear and J Lev.

I thought even noobs would know better than post complaints about walking the dog. I bet there are at least 10 threads in the last year on this subject.

Two words: Plan ahead.

If you don’t want to use your new shiny aluminum yo-yo then don’t bring it with you. Carry a plastic yo-yo when you go out.