Least Favorite Trick Suggestions


Don’t you all hate it when people just insist that you walk the dog with an expensive new metal on hard ground?


I just say, This isn’t 1770. Know any other yoyo tricks? :smiley:


people do that to me at school and then they do it in the cafeteria when theres spilled food all over the floor and i’m all like “no way man this was $100” and then they get all sad so i do other tricks. btw u can also walk the dog up ur arm instead of the floor


i dont ever take a yoyo thats worth over like $30 as my pocket throw unless im going to yoyoclub, so if i am asked to walk the dog its no big deal. Plus people asking you to walk the dog is just them trying to express an interest in yoyoing so support it! :slight_smile:


Dude, I can do ladder escape, I am sure I know a at least a few yoyo tricks.


I say Sure I can walk the dog. Then do it. Remember kids that most people don’t know what ladder escape is. The don’t connect with that. They connect with yoyo tricks of the past. Tricks that started it all.

Then I say "yoyoing has come a long way from walking the dog. Tricks have gotten much more complex and show them something harder. Then they can understand it a little more.


Most people can’t appreciate what most tricks are. They relate to simple stuff. Picture tricks, trapeze, intermediate tricks. After that, it becomes a blur to them.

Someone asked me to walk the dog once. I said “I can do that, but this is an expensive metal yoyo, so I don’t want to scrape it up”. They were surprised it was metal and I let them hold it to show it to them. They seemed understanding. I did a trapeze instead. They were happy.

Don’t throw dogs, don’t walk yoyos!


I wasn’t saying that to you, to the people who ask me. I didn’t mean to hurt feelings and i’m sorry if I did. :slight_smile: Usually after that they say no, and I always carry a beater with me so I let them try that for themselves.


Yea, I just walk it up my arm… It’s technically the same thing


When someone asks me to walk the dog, I say something like ‘This is the new way to walk the dog’ and do a finger grind or arm grind. Then show them a combo of some kind with a grind in it. They seem to like that.

My least favorite trick suggestions are some of the basic shape tricks that I never spent time learning. Like Eiffel Tower. I always mess that one up the first time and look like a moron. So now I just call one of my sons over and say ‘Hey! They want you to do Eiffel Tower.’


learn one of the other towers… there are countless ways to make them… throwing a double or nothing and hopping the yoyo to the back string (without dropping anything) then pull the front part out… its the fastest, and simplest IMO


Oh, I know a bunch of towers…I just never remember how to do the basic one. It takes me like 3 tries to remember how to do it right. I’ll do one of the others and the kid will say ‘That’s not Eiffel Tower!’


same thing but than i usually get the reaction of “why the hey did you spend 100$ on a yoyo?”