Good Dog!

For all you dog haters I thought I’d throw out some positive thoughts about “Walk the Dog.”

  1. The name is so appropriate for this trick. It is so easy to imagine a dog pulling some one along on a leash. Perfect name for the trick! (I’m glad soiled panties doesn’t look like… )

  2. It is simple so simple but few truly walk the dog. Yeah you know what I mean. You stand in place without walking. Hmmmph…You can’t really walk the dog while standing…unless you are standing next to a fire hydrant.

  3. This trick is old, so old. Older than all of our new fangled, elaborate, showy, flashy new creations. It has stood the test of times with fans of all ages and around the world. I wish one of my tricks would be that well known amongst my family!

  4. It has brought joy to so many people.

  5. It immediately bridges the gap between yoyoer and non yoyoer. Well bridges the gap if the yoyoer chooses to sieze an opportunity to share his time and knowledge.

Give the dog his due!

Only positive dog comments here please, there are other threads hating on the poor dog.

Sit,shake, fetch. Good dog!

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Very true. Whenever people see you with a yoyo, what trick do they ask you to do? Or what about when you do the most complicated trick in the world, what will someone ask you if you can do?
Walk the Dog!!!
It’s also one of the few tricks you can do with a responsive yoyo these days…

All requests for Walk The Dog go fulfilled, unless I’m using something expensive. An arm grind usually gets the same result.

Hehe, I did Walk The Dog for some kids with a Mighty Flea, and they all yelled “Walk The Puppy!”. Made my day.

Walk the puppy I like that one. lol

My sister in law’s dogs had this demon seed of a puppy named Charlie. Charlie refused to go outside and go potty. He’d pee where-ever he felt like it, which annoyed me since he ended up getting abandoned at my house for a while, and that dog just flat out refused to be housebroken. Even my 2 pugs were like “uh, dude, we’re gonna get in trouble for that, so knock it off”.

So, I invented “Walk the Charlie”. It’s “walk the dog” while you make “pshhhhh pshhhh pshhhh” sounds, then let go of the yoyo string and the yoyo runs away.

Granted, not easy for people who don’t know about that walking fur-covered urination machine, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

Whenever someone tells me to walk the dog, I explain that it’s bad for the yo-yo (when it’s metal). I then proceed to arm grind calling it “Walking my Parrot.” If it’s plastic, I have no problems doing it.

I seriously hope you didn’t just say that.

I had people walking the dog with my CODE2 at BAC this weekend. I think it’s interesting how cathartic some people seem to find it. :slight_smile:

It’s the same kids people who fret about “omgzorz i got a ding on my jojo how is this going to sell on BST for inflated prices now?”
…then they sell it as “a few dings but still mint”

Walk the Dog is like the best trick out there. I tried doing that at the beach and let it walk on the sand and it looked flipping awesome :]

Wasn’t “walk the dog” the only reason titanium yoyos were made ;D ? I mean really, you have a titanium yoyo, evening rolls around, you go outside and put on your own light show! :o

Whenever I go to the beach, I walk the dog in the sand. Awesome. Also walking it on the edge of the water is fun too.

Sure enough I saw an old friend this weekend - showed him my new yo’n obsession. First thing he wanted to see was walk the dog. I did it and he smiled, funnything is it is so easy and allways a croud pleaser, inside we are all performers with our yo’s and our audience is our friends- might as well keep the crowd happy. Luckily we were inside over carpet.

I will walk him on carpet (and yes I walk with him) but am rarely on carpet so I usually just say “o you wanna see me dog do yas?” Then pop him up on a finger grind and say “sit booboo”, then tell my dog to walk and let him go down my are and back and put him back on the string and say “good boy”. Kids freaking love it! Always brings smiles.

When I was younger we used to do what I called “Dog Fights” where we’d both walk the dog head on and yoyos would collide. Whose ever yoyo spun out lost. Fun times…

And I walked the dog for some kids this weekend since I had a modified shaped plastic on hand (which walks straighter than a wing shape).

There are a few yoyo’s I won’t walk the dog with. My KC Dert for one. As gift from Russ Andert, I’d like to honor that gift. Other than that I don’t really mind what it is. I don’t like dings but if it gets someone interested at all it’s worth it.