What is your reaction when someone asks you to walk the dog?


I usually tell them I can’t, because of dings, and instead grind it on my arm. Someone at a store asked me today, but, as I was using a pretty cheap yoyo, I did it. He was happy, I was happy.

(ed) #2

I walk the dog. Accept high 5’s.
Then I usually do creeper which they usually like even more.

Just cause it’s an easy trick doesn’t mean it’s not a GREAT trick.


I usually tell them that it is too hard…


“I love dogs! Of course I will!” But seriously, I just do it. Unless I’m over a sidewalk or if they don’t ask me to walk the dog at all (the case in all situations)

(Steve Brown) #5

I walk the dog.


Mint OG Peaks are another matter, though.





(Erik Kerber ) #9

I usually say. I could but I don’t want to scratch my yoyo cuz this thing costs about $100. I know its ok to scratch your yoyo’s but I still don’t want to do it on purpose. :smiley:


I just smile and say, ‘Tragically, I walked the dog so many times; he finally died’.


lol I say I this yo isn’t made for walking the dog.
Then I whip out my yomega raider ;D


I Eli hop them in the face for making such a crudely ignorant and idiotic request. Doesn’t everyone know that yo-yos can be expensive? Duh.



Pretty much me too. If it’s a kid I tell them that my dog really hates to get dirty so when I walk him he goes up on my arm, with adults I just tell them that the ground will smash up the yoyo because it’s metal. If I’m using plastic/a beater or am on grass I’ll totally do it though.


I walk the parrot.


I walk the dog for them cause most classrooms have carpet. That and if it’s concrete I do an arm grind.


lol eli hop to a facegrind haha :smiley:


I feel like scratching yoyos isn’t a big deal but I just don’t like losing money.  I like having expensive yoyos because they play better.  If I beat a Peak, I can’t trade it for a great mint throw.  I just see every ding as ten or so dollars and it bothers me


New trick: The windchime


I walk the dog whenever it makes sense. But that’s not always (sorry, Ed! Breaking your rule!).

It just doesn’t make sense to me to try to be hardcore with a metal yoyo over bumpy asphalt. The dog won’t walk very well anyhow AND it’s noisy AND the one time I did it the spectators all winced uncomfortably… they don’t even know from “premium” metal yoyos and they could tell it wasn’t a done thing! I seem to remember one even saying, “I guess that’s probably a bad idea, huh?”

There are other pleasant and friendly ways to respond to the question. Similar grind tricks, admitting that your yoyo isn’t very good at that trick (walking the dog with a wide yoyo will almost always cause a circular path anyhow), saying there’s not enough friction on the surface for it to work… whatever. Other old-school tricks like Rock the Baby still let them relate to what you’re doing. Newer non-tech tricks (like Eli Hops) will be new to them, impressive to them, and yet still relatable (they can understand the trick).


Much respect Steve but I’m pretty sure you got all those yoyos for free.