Why we don't walk the dog. Here is how to handle the dreaded question


Or, you can just walk the dog.  :slight_smile:


Its not a walk the dog unless the yoyo is touching the ground. Thats a walk the magic carpet. Or walk the hovercraft. Or walk the dog on an anti-grav sled.

That was touching the ground all right. You could hear it and also see the trajectory change!

Side note: I walked the dog a tonne while I was working a trade show… it’s really hard with a wide yoyo! One side will almost always grab more than the other, causing it to walk in a circle.

(which you can then present as an intended effect… :wink: )

This is pretty cool I hate walking the dog as you can tell from my signature lol

Not everyone is capable of walking the dog properly. Many who think they can, can’t. ::slight_smile:

Being asked to walk the dog is nothing more than or less than someone saying “I’m interested in what you are doing. I know about walk the dog. Can you do it?”

It’s an opportunity, an invitation to share. They have no way of knowing that you hate it because your fancy yo has to be babied and protected. They don’t know that a yoyo can cost so much or the research that goes into them. It’s just a toy to them. I never yo in public with a yo that isn’t ready to go for a walk!

You can never know true yoyo freedom until you no longer fear walking that dog. Put the leash on the dog. Why wear it yourself? :wink:


An arm grind also suffices. :3

Who owns who?

I just walk the dog. ::slight_smile:

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While I do wear a shirt that says “Don’t throw dogs. Don’t walk yoyos” I actually do walk the dog for people. Mainly I wear the shirt to get them to ask and it seems to have the intended effect. I don’t think its a big deal whether you choose to or not, just be friendly and nice about it and share what you are comfortable with.

I do it assuming I have a beater on me which I usually do.

step 1. Buy a myy or similar cheap yet good performing throw
step 2. walk the dog all day
that’s it. there is no step 3.

Step 3: profit!