People who don't yoyo.


Do you ever feel disappointed that you just learned an extremely complex trick but when you show someone they just arnt impressed because they don’t understand yoyoing?

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Nah it doesn’t bother me, I understand that not all people can appreciate the finer things :wink: .


I feel a little taken back but then i think of it and that person or people probably cant even throw a yoyo.


No matter what I do, even just a simple bind, I still manage to impress people even when I’m not trying. I think it’s just because I live in the boring side of California where anything different is impressive :stuck_out_tongue:

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Skitrz said it


I find people who don’t yoyo either don’t care at all or are very easily impressed by everything. As long as you’re having fun, I wouldn’t worry too much about what other people think.



Its so wierd so im practiceing a new trick outside and some one is watching me and they dont look impresed then i do a mach 5 and they go all oohh ahhhh and im like huh how is that cool?


people seem to be very impressed by trick used to relieve string tension out of a split bottom mount :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. Doesn’t bother me.

I don’t yoyo for them, I yoyo for me. If they are entertained, then great. If they aren’t, hey, I’m not selling tickets, you get what you pay for!

Besides, odds are I’m not doing very good anyways. Maybe I should put a hat out with a sign “Need Money for yoyo lessons”.


Doesn’t bother me a whole lot because they would become impressed with walk the dog.


I have one friend that is contantly amazed by new tricks i learn and then there is this other guy at work who just constantly says every trick looks exactly the same. Even when i show him tricks that are nothing alike… from Gyroscopic Flop to Eli Hops to Gondola he just says… “it all looks the same to me man”.

He’s an idiot though ;D … I just think it depends on the person really.


It disappoints me when people would rather see gyroscopic flop than triple stole. I can understand the nostalgia of wanting to see walk the dog and rock the baby, though.


Hahaha… this is so true.



When I show people, I slow down almost everything, the complicated tech stuff, so they can see it and follow it better. It getts better reactions.



well I’m sure you wouldn’t be impressed either watching something you just don’t understand

the best example I have in mind is mixed martial arts, many people think it’s just two brainless savages going at it in a cage when in reality it’s extremely technical as well as psychological and strategic.

if you want more people to be educated about yoyoing, do something about it, create a club, go see kids and teach them yoyoing, make a blog, set up some meetings or even a local contest. THEN people will be educated in it.


I also learn a lot of tricks when im bored at work and then come home and show my wife… or rather force her to watch me… she’s never impressed.


I think hadoq hit the nail on the head. Casual observers will always prefer the big flashy things to the nitty girtty technical side of things they don’t really understand. Stealing his MMA example, it’s the reason why those flashy knockout artists are so popular and famous.



I watched some kendama stuff for the first time yesterday, and I was really impressed with each trick they did. I think that once you gain knowledge in one skilltoy, you can appreciate other skilltoys better.


does anyone else think Hadoq should be a forum expert?