getting laughed at

I’m just now starting out with string tricks and all kinds of people are making fun and cracking wise about me playing with a yo-yo…my girlfriend in particular saying yo-yos are for kids I just snob them and say, “wait till I learn some of the advanced stuff…” anyone else have to take some peer heat when you were first starting out?

It happen but as soon as they see your into it they get over it

at first i was teased alot for yooying but when i brought one to school and did my tricks everyone was like D:

Oh yes. No one really laughed or said things to my face…but yeah. I think they’re over it now and a number of people already seem to think I’m weird, or annoying, or bad influence, so I don’t really care about what they think. So adding a yo-yo to the mix doesn’t really change much anyway. rawwrrr…lol maybe it’s too early in the morning for me…they are all good people so now I feel mean. Good people don’t have to like me I guess. end mini rant Cheer up, I’ve been doing it for a few months and I’m not that great either, partly because most days I only have time to keep up with the tricks I already know, but I still enjoy doing them.

Yeah, I took some heat when first starting, and still do, but whatever. Just keep pressing on. :slight_smile:

some people will look at you with amazement and others will always look with disdain, it comes with the yoyo… as long as it makes you happy thats what matters

Yeah, try learning to yoyo when you are an adult.
No one gets it then.

But, usually I just let them borrow my old imperial and try a trick or two and that shuts them up once they realize there is some skill involved.

haha… i gotta remember that one!

One of my students tried to tell another student that they had “taught me everything I know.”
I said, “Yeah he is really good at yoyoing… Here show them.” And tossed him a yoyo.


Lucky for me I started as a kid yoyoing and I think I’m good enough that now me being a teenager they don’t really care they’re just impressed, plus I still consider my self a kid so I don’t have a problem with anyone saying it’s for kid. ;D

lol, thats funny. i just dont yoyo in pblic.

No I never got mocked I,m homeschooled. :smiley:

as long as you like to do it, it shouldnt matter what other people think ;D

There are limitations whether you should yoyo or should not. But if you get really good, their minds change. :slight_smile:

The guy that used to make fun my yoyoing joined my yoyo club. ;D

High Five

LOL Im Home Schooled too, so I dont get teased that much anymore. But last year and the Year before that, I was teased. People said, “YoYos are Pointless” “Get a Life” Things like that. And still to this day My Sisters and Step Dad hate YoYos. And sometimes when Im out in Public, like the Mall or Store or Park or something, some kids really enjoy me yoyoing, and some people think its stupid. That reminds me, 2 weeks ago, me and my Friend were yoyoing at the Mall and some Preppy Teenagers came up to me and said, “Oh Look, Geeks. Wow Im so Amazed (Sarcasticly)” And I know people can get on your last nerve, but whatever. Usually when somebody says they dont like me, or they hate yoyos, Ill just look back at them and say, “Good for You!” :smiley:

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Good attitude! :wink: Actually most people who see me yo-yo in public think it’s really cool (they obviously don’t know how really unimpressive my tricks are in the big picture), especially people at my college. There was a guy who said he used to yo-yo and he begged to play with my Throw Monkey, and I got some people from other classes to learn a little too, and a classmate said her boyfriend would probably like to be friends with me because he used to yo-yo but now he contact juggles. So yeah a lot of people really like it, though some of them were scared I was going to wack them…lol.

When I brought my yoyo to school everybody laughed but I knew that I was good enough to drop their jaws. You should have seen the looks on thire faces. Yesterday I was in another class and I showed these people who I don’t know my yoyo and they laughed. But my friend was in there with me and he just looked at me and said," go ahead, show em". I owned them all and being a senior in high school it does look a little weird but I could beat them all and I know it. (not bragging though) 8)

You have to ignore it.

I’ve got friends that will say I’m “gay” for yoyoing, and then ask me 10 minutes later to see my StarLite. It’s an ongoing cycle.

You just learn to ignore it.

i constantly see people look at me while im yoyoing and there like “oow and ahhh” and people say how do you do that. and i hate when people constantly ask me about the same trick "how do you that.

I hate getting asked to walk the dog >.>