What do non yoyoers think of us?

I have been thinking about maybe bringing my yoyo to school, or yoyoing in public, what have been your experiences with yoyoing in public what is it perceived as cool, nerdy, awesome, just wondering.


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I usually get the “OMG! That’s so awesome! How is that even possible?” reaction myself, but I rarely throw at school.

Most people will think it is cool.
But really you shouldn’t care what people think of you. Do what you like for the reasons you like too, and don’t let another person tare you down. Over time, possibly right away you will find people who appreciate what you do, and who you are. Hiding your self will only limit your self to truly poor friends, and interactions.

It depends on the person if they are nice or are your friend then they will definitely love it. Only a couple of times I get those rotten apples that can’t stand the noise.

My girlfriend thinks its too childish and dumb. I told her whenever I get payed big bucks for yoyoing and she’s living as a hobo ima make fun of her. Haha. Some people think its actually pretty awsome and want to learn how to do it, and others just think its stupid. I yoyoed in public once and I got a lot of people’s attention.

I throw in public a lot. Honestly, there really isn’t anything to worry about. Most people will just walk by, some heads will turn and watch as they walk, and quite a few will actually stop and watch you, especially parents with kids (kids will literally stop their parents so they can see).

Those who do watch you will be amazed and will probably think you are the best yoyoer on the planet as they have very little knowledge on the hobby. I’ve even told people that I still have a lot to learn and nowhere near ready for competition stuff yet as I’m told that I am more than good enough.

Based on my observations, a lot of the younger set will watch and comment but as you head into the teens into young adults (who think they’re too cool for this stuff and would rather go off and party, drink, get high, etc…) tend to just walk by like nothing’s going on. It then picks back up with the ‘more mature’ adults and especially parents who have their kids with them. It then wanes as you reach senior citizens. I’ve had a few teens however watch me and compliment on one of my tricks which surprised me. I guess it really depends on your area’s demographics.

I bring my yoyo with my everywhere, but I`m shamed to play in front of people… My friends think its very interesting… Actually one of them already bought his yoyo and we are going to the shop tomorrow for another yoyo :slight_smile:

Family congratulates me, but at school, I have to go in a corner or something so no-one hits the yo-yo and gives me a giant ding. I hate it when my dumb classmates mess me up. Anyway, yeah, I don’t really recommend yo-yoing in school, at least in front of people.

What I have found is hat people think it is really cool, at least at first. Some people definetly start to get tired of it though, and give you a little grief for yoyoing so much but I haven’t had anybody strongly dislike it. So I would definetly bring it in the public and use it with no shame

It really varies on your school. Some schools are generally closed minded while other schools have a very open demographic. High Schoolers tend to be nicer and more appreciative. Just don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun doing it in public. Builds confidence in your abilities, especially after you get compliments.

To further add, the general public could care less if you goof up, they still think it was cool! You can event tell them you missed/snagged and they would still be happy/amazed. Just be prepared to take your little 4-legged furry (or more like round, plastic/metal, spinning gyroscopic) pal for a walk.

Can’t walk the dog with a metal . . .
- personal experience

College kids seem to love it, though I mostly do it at open mic nights. Always a great reaction. No one says anything when I’m practicing in the lounge of my dorm, though (it’s the only place with carpet).

I would say about 90% of everybody thinks it amazing, really interesting, and will ask you questions about it, or congratulate you on your expertise.
Another 5% will just not be interested, or just dismiss you altogether.
The OTHER 5% of people will think you either; A) Childish and should grow up and put childish things aside, or B) a dumb nerd. These people should be dismissed entirely, not even being worth the gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe.
The greater majority of people will think it amazing though… High school though is another matter though i think. You may get a few jerks making snide remarks, but i think it will be fine.
People tend to praise creativity more than anything.


About half the strangers see me and ignore me. The other half think its awesome. Most of the people who dislike me yoyoing are other high school students. Most of my friends have grown accustomed to it and aren’t phased by out anymore.

lol people may stereotype type us as a bunch of nerds/geeks/weirdos that play with yo-yos when really, we are doing something amazing, something that can blow peoples mind, like magicians, the weirdo in school, now performing in vegas at the mgm hotel, people keep going back for more XD

I’ve been bringing my yo-yo to my school for the past month or so, and I’ve had mostly what everybody else has said so far. Most people are interested/amazed, and then there’s that small group of people who find it childish/nerdy. Honestly though, it shouldn’t matter to you at all. Just do what you want, and don’t hit people/the floor.

I have gotten all positive responses from throwing in public. Most people are amazed and stand around for the show.

Almost all the time, I’ve gotten nothing but positive vibes from people. I don’t throw as often as others but when I do I find people complimenting me and stuff. I actuall yoyo outside more than I throw here at home.

But there was this one time where I went to the casino with my friends, and I started throwing because I don’t gamble. And this drunk guy passed by and was something like “Nice stuff going on you got there, but that will never get you laid.”

…way to be a total d-bag, dude.