Do general people around you know you yoyo?

I try my best to make sure very few people know i yoyo and i never do it in public if i am near a place where there are people that know me. I used to yoyo at school when i was in Junior high and everyone in my class and below knew that i yoyoed, but since i changed schools for highschool, i never talk about it to anyone, and if someone who knows i yoyo brings it up, i deny it. I was wondering if you guys don’t care if people around you know that you yoyo and you will do it in public if you’re bored or you’re like me and want to keep it secret.

sometimes ill do it in public, but im very aware that people look at me for 5 seconds, then they think, “wow thats really cool,” but then the next this that pops in their head is, “what a nerd.” I’ve been called gay or stupid for yoyoing. But I usually ignore it.

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Lol I love yoyoing and I spread it around. I try to get other people to try it, I mean come on the only ones who are going to make fun of you are just jerks and you can just blow them off… Who cares what they think you shouldn’t let people stop you from enjoying something you love. And just think yoyos are not embarrassing at all when you compare it to liking My little pony and being a 16 year old guy… That’s one thing I keep kind of on the down low but if someone asks I won’t deny that even. ;D

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The reason why modern yoyo was invented was to show off but you probably yoyo to feel self satisfction when you learn a trick which helps build self esteem. The main point is that you yoyo to get better, have and to show other people is a bonus. Just have fun.

I used to be sensitive about other people knowing that I yo-yo. I don’t really care anymore. I say don’t hide something you love doing, you never know when it might bring joy to someone else too. Even something as simple as a yo-yo. I made this old guy’s day at Wal*Mart just by letting him see a Duncan Imperial I was purchasing and letting him tell me how much he loved yo-yos as a kid. I should have just let him keep it but my mind works too slowly sometimes.

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I used too care a lot about keeping my yoyoing a secret. but then i remembered one thing i started yoyoing just cuz i saw someone on the street doing it and i feel that if i got impressed then i can impress a lot of people and spread the love. Anyway if someone just gives u bad comments or is being a jerk its just because they are jealous and know they cant do it. but if you really are shy then you dont have to show it to people it can be secret your decision but personally i do it anytime i get bored and everyone at the stores look at me amazed for like a long time until they walk away (no comments from them either so w00t) Ur decision doesnt matter but maybe you should share it with other people who are interested so they can start as well SPREAD THE LOVE <3 :smiley:

I sometimes feel that way but I always remember that I like yoyoing more than keeping it as a secret, and when I yoyo in front of my friend, they look amazed by my yoyoing skill, and that makes me more confident to yoyo in public

I will yoyo when I want. I don’t care what other people think, If they watch, cool. If they think I am a nerd, what ever. I really enjoy yoyoing, and I do it in public, because honestly I’m not going to let other people get in the way of that.

Well, if we’re speaking about throwing in public this happened last week:

I live in Las Vegas. My girlfriend was filming me throw in front of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign for a video and as we were filming someone drove by and yelled the “Faggot!” So that’s clearly what some people think. She got it on camera and it while completely rude and uncalled for it’s going to make for a great out-take. Thanks, jerk! :wink:

I own a comic book store and I am throwing in here constantly. My customers are surprised when they walk in and I don’t have a yoyo in my hand.

I yoyo whenever and wherever i want to, and could do it.
i enjoy it more than anyone who sees me. I enjoy it, I’m proud of it, and i like to share it.

I wouldn’t say that I actively try to hide my yoyoing, but I definitely don’t do it in any public settings. Not because I’m ashamed of it or anything, I just refrain from throwing in public for the same reason I don’t do other things in which I’m talented in a public forum. I don’t want people to think I’m showing off and being a jackass. If I’m in my room around people I know, however, I throw to my heart’s content.

why in heaven would you keep it a secret, specially working so hard, up to plain lying to hide it? are you ashamed of it ?

yoyoing is pretty much a performance art of some sort, everyone I know and their cousins know I throw since day one. the best part about yoyoing is meeting people, and this can’t happen if you hide.

I yoyo everywhere.People thinks it’s cool and i have fun. ;D

I always have a yoyo in my pocket. If people can’t figure it out then I think they have a problem.

I am not ashamed of it, some of it is because some of people around me would make fun of me for it and it’s just really annoying and some of it is i just kinda don’t want to have that attention of people stopping to stare at me yoyoing.

Although reading these posts of other people sort of makes me care less and I may start yoyoing more in public when i want to.

Yoyoing “in public” as everyone is phrasing it is something I do a lot when I’m outside my house. Most of the people who see me think it’s cool that I yoyo. I really don’t care about the 5% of people who think I’m weird or crazy because I yoyo; I deal with enough of them for other reasons already. If I didn’t yoyo “in public” because of a few people I’d have missed out on meeting a lot of other people. Oh and also, I think it’s fun just to ask the people who are staring at me why they are staring, that usually generates an interesting response.

Everyone knows I yoyo. Everyone!

Wait you yoyo too I thought you were just a mod… Just kidding of course.

But anyways you should do it I think the best thing is to just start yoyoing in public and you’d be surprised most of the time I yoyo in a store or something and when I stop and look up I see a small group of people watching most of the time you wont even notice the people around you. And when it comes to people making fun of you about yoyoing it’ll stop after a few days so just brush it off you have nothing to be ashamed of so don’t let people think you are or they will make fun of you.

Take it from a 43 year old, secrets are cool but always be who you are and do what you love to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Just an old head’s opinion.