Yo-Yo-ing in public?

Do you guys Yo-Yo in public? I know I do. Most of the time, and onlooker will say: “Boy, I haven’t seen one of those in a while” (Or something relevant to that) Now, this bothers me because I know there are a lot of modern Yo-Yoers out there. Do they just Yo-Yo inside their house? If you do throw in public, please share any interesting stories. Oh yeah, and we SHOULD throw in public. I think it spreads awareness about modern Yo-Yo-ing.

My opinion on most subjects is to whip it out when you see fit.

Yes, I think that would be great just not really in crowded areas where you might hit somebody.

Boy. If I had a nickel…

to be honest, i rarely play outside, except when im with fellow throwers. it just feels awkward

True, but I got used to it.

I yoyo in public all the time. I always have a yoyo with me (Legyoyo’s holster is doing the job superbly!) so I pull’er out whenever I have an idle moment.

Just today someone spotted that my Code 2 looked different than what she thinks of as a yoyo, so she asked “IS that a yoyo? No, right?” and I explained the whole unresponsive thing to her.

She was waiting for a Cub Scouts field trip, and asked if I would mind entertaining the kids when they got there; however, I was leaving the gymnastics club with my family just as they started filing in. Too bad, would have loved to give them a show!

I don’t really like to yoyo in public. I get pretty nervous and I don’t like have a yoyo bumping me while I’m out doing stuff.

Yeah, I use the holster as a way to keep it high in my pocket. So although it’s clipped to my belt loop, I still put it into a pocket. It just doesn’t fall deep in and mess about with keys and phone or whatever.

I really couldn’t care what people think of me if I’m throwing in public, if they ask me questions I’ll answer them and if they seem interested I’ll point them to yoyoexpert.com where maybe they’ll buy something,

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This. I also let them know about the monthly meets held in Sydney and invite them along.


Yes. I carry a yoyo with me most of the time so that if for example I’m waiting for a person, I can do something to pass time. I’m more than happy to answer questions of people who gets interested with it.

In my school, some of my classmates became interested and started learning how to throw.

I always have a yoyo on me too. I don’t really throw in public a whole lot. Only time I’ve found really is at the mall when my girlfriend is at Aero or American eagle. I just walk down to the area where the escalators and kiddie (coin) rides are. She doesn’t seem to mind and i can’t stand the crowds in there… Or the attitudes.

I always have a looper in my purse and an unresponsive on a holster in case I want throw. There are some nay sayers at school,but hey,I’m getting an article in the school paper for it. And as for malls, my dad kinda dominates in that area, so I back off…

I always have a yo-yo with me.
I’ve started to think of it as collecting places I’ve thrown at. Like O’Hare, the Museum of Science and Industry, the sky deck in the sears tower, on the deck of a ocean liner, the Bahamas, in line at Cedar point, Navy pier, Houston airport and zoo, LAX, LACC while at AX and probably others but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

I have a throw on me 99% of the time:P


I have my yoyo in my pocket (usually hurting my upper thigh) because I feel more secure, plus, I can just take it out and be instantly entertained… I don’t usually throw in public, I don’t exactly have stage fright, but I AM kind of shy about people watching me throw.

I used to keep my favorites in my pocket, but I don’t anymore for fear of damaging the threads.

I used to keep them in my keep a yoyo in my pocket when it was just my maverick. Anything larger than that next didn’t fit so i got a yoyofactory holster.