Do you guys throw in public?

I do to try to get as many people involved as I can. I figure the more people see it, the more likely they are to start.

not really dont have time only time is when i am out to dinner i go outside and people try to give me money lol i am like no no i am waiting for dinner inside

When I yoyo outside no one wants to give me money!!! :frowning: Hmph
If yoyoing at school is public then I yoyo there way to much.
I also yoyo in my cities downtown when I go with my friends.

I yoyo everywhere.
Outside, inside, at home, at school, in the bathroom, everywhere.

i’m with sirnaq, I always bring a yoyo with me wherever i go, and it most always gets thrown.

Overall i probably got about 30 people into it so far

Only when I get paid, but those are usually private functions, so not really public…

Sort of. Typically when I’m in public, I don’t have time to do stuff like this. Business and what-not.

Even at CalStates Yoyo contest, where I’m surrounded by throwers and even some of my crew throws(soon to be entire crew), I had no time to throw. I did get some lessons from Elephark so I was doing some looping attempts. Other than that I didn’t have time until afterwards.

I do have my weekly yoyo meet, so I do throw out in public. I prefer this mostly because its not around others from the perspective that I won’t be stuck in tight quarters and with people too close to me.

With all the waiting around I do with all the Back Doctor Appts. I go to… I usually take a Lyn Fury or the DM2 for something to pass the time with. It’s better than just sitting there looking at womens magazines. I also bring them to a volunteer thing I go to during the week and play during smoke breaks.

When im bored yeah. But I tend to find it not a good idea if im carrying my hatrick, because I’m a nice guy and usually always let other people play with my yoyo when they ask. Although it does feel good amazing people.
Total ive gotten like 7 people yoyoing.

 I bring my Dark Magic II everywhere with me and I use it 95% of the time.  I amaze practically everyone in the school playground that sees me (I'm in my final year for primary school), even people I don't know and put it in my bag during school until I bring it out again as soon as I can straight after school to play with on the streets.  This morning, a boy who's a year younger than me brought out a Yomega Fireball and started doing forward passes and gravity pulls (I kind of figured that he got the idea from me which I am quite happy about) and amazed his friends as well who probably haven't actually seen me yo yo before but have heard rumours about rumours about me yo yoing.

When they asked me, I showed them a few Zippers, Double or Nothings, Buddha's Revenges, Split The Atoms, Wormholes, Mach 5s, Atomic Bombs, Matrixes, arm grinds and Mondials.  They were quite amazed at what I could do compared to their friend.  Anyway back to the subject, after school I yo yo all the way back home which some older secondary school students that I see all the time are amazed at and always tell me to 'do the yo yo thing.'

I forgot to mention that I yo yo while I walk to school as well even when I'm tired which actually wakens me up a bit.  I also yo yo when I go shopping, at home when I walk to a club etc.  Needless to say, I yo yo everywhere.

Depends on where I’m at and what I’m doing. If I’m at the park, it is a must that I bring several yoyos with me. If I get tired of throwing one of them, I’ll switch to another. Or I’ll have an extra if someone wants to try.

Last time I threw publically was a couple weeks ago when I went bowling with my friend. We grabbed dinner beforehand and as I was waiting for my friend to finish his business, I was throwing in the waiting area. This kid with his parent watches as the parent tells him to look at what I’m doing. Immediately, the kid asks “Is that a Chinese yoyo?” Apparently he knew about hubstacks and saw an unfamiliar yoyo featuring stacks. I was throwing my T9.

Later when we got to the alley, we had quite a wait to get our lane, probably a good hour or so. I began doing some tricks when this guy comes up and watches me and admires my tricks. About 20 minutes later I’m looking at the arcade games/claw machine to see if there’s anything worth winning when that guy spots me and tells his friend all about me. Sure enough, I was doing some more tricks for his friend to see. They then wanted my autograph, lol.

Now that it’s softball season again, I’ll be attending a good chunk of my niece’s games…so that means, 'tis the season for sharing the joy of yoyo!

Me too. Never leave home without one. Even when I’m going to the yo yo store.

Same here i never leave home without one.

Our yoyo club meets in an outdoor mall so there’s lots of people around. Some come up and ask us about our yoyos and how they work. I’m going to start bringing a small bag of beater throws to let people use because they always ask.

BTW, if you start throwing while people are watching, but after you finish, when you look up and realize they’ve all gone, does it still count as throwing in front of people?

I try to yo-yo whenever I can, but my mom prevents me to. She says that “I’ll hit someone” but in reality it’s because she’s embarassed that she has a 17 year old son that plays with children’s toy. Oh well.

All day every day. I Yo-Yo at school, I Yo-Yo while walking on the street, and I Yo-Yo while waiting in lines. I was YoYo’ing at the Hong Kong International Airport, and some guy called me “the Jeremy Lin of Yo-Yo’ing” :D. It’s easy to impress people with simple tricks. You can do basic string tricks and still captivate them

I think I throw outside more than I yoyo at home. I walk to class/library with a yoyo in my hand to pass time [and practice, like throwing with my left hand to get 2A down]. Yoyoing at home is boring to me, but I don’t necessarily like having people stare at me when I’m just minding my own business.

It’s okay, I guess.

Same here. But when you take into perspective what everyone else does, Id say we are pretty mature.

When I was in a casino, I decided to throw because I was bored. [well, what can i do inside a casino when i’m broke and i don’t spend my money playing those petty games] Then some drunk dude passed by and saw my yoyoing and told me “Nice tricks you’re going on there, but that won’t get you laid.”

Yeah, like being a jerkhole won’t get you anywhere as well, sir.