Why yoyoing in public is awesome!

Was stuck waiting for my bus for half an hour at Lillehammer this day, and of course I decided to burn away some time yoyoing. At one point, this one American tourist walks up to me and says he’s never seen anything like that in the states (that means you guys need to get more out in public). Ended up spending 20 minutes of my time talking to this man about yoyoing, education, politics and jazz music. There’s something about talking to strangers that just feels great, and yoyoing just creates so many situations where you end up talking to strangers.

That’s pretty cool. I don’t generally like yoyoing in public, but sometimes it does start some interesting conversations.

But some times a the conversation goes on for ever i missed a bus one time

You gotta love when that happens :slight_smile:

Well that already happened with me I bring my yoyo everywhere one time I was yo-yoing outside a restaurant the waiter was impressed so I did it inside and got a free cinnamon bun that was to die for

I yoyo everywhere I go. Took summer camp kids to the zoo last week, and threw while the kids ate lunch. Across the picnic area, a family watched me. Soon, their teenage son approached and said hi. His family was on vacation from Billings, Montana. I asked him if he yoyos, and he said, yeah, but not like that! Asked him what he had; I think he said a Bumble Bee. Since I always have at least one extra throw on me, I asked if he’d like to try it. In a couple minutes, I had him doing a simple front side bind. He was stoked! I shouted at his parents, “SORRY! HE’S PROBABLY GONNA WANT A NEW YOYO FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!” They laughed and said the figured as much.

I’m doing my part to help spread the yo, one person at a time!

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If I’m ever out and about and I have a few minutes to kill, I ALWAYS throw a yo-yo to kill the time. More often than not, someone will come up to me to inquire about it.

The best part is, even if you suck at yo-yoing, non-throwers can’t even tell the difference. It is all magic to them. So really, there is no excuse for players not throwing in public.

I throw 8 hours a day in a very busy mall. I’ve talked to thousands of people and directed hundreds to this site. Funny though I haven’t actually seen anyone sign up. ???
If anyone seen a guy in Maryland at Arundel Mills Mall yoyoing and signed up here let me know so I don’t feel like I’m doing no good trying to reach people. :-\

Well they should come! ^

I love throwing in public, gets great looks.

Gonna be fun at the BBQ.

I was yoyoing at Venice Beach just minding my business and 7 young ladies in bikinis stopped me to give me compliments and asked me to do a few tricks. That was really unexected but freaking awesome.
I always throw in public, though I am mindful where’s a right place or not. Somewhat gives me a nice icebreaker :]

Definitely a better ice breaker than “Haaaaaaaaave you met Ted?” XD

I usually have a yoyo hanging from my belt and bust it out if I’ve got a bit of time to kill and some space. Started throwing in the staffroom during lunchbreaks as well =)


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One time I was just throwing and then a guy sitting at a table asks me to do the same trick again (split the atom to ripcord) for his little girl. After, he offered to tip me!! :slight_smile:

I try to bring a yoyo with me when i leave but the problem is I get really nervous when yoyoing in front of people. I forget almost everything I know haha. As interested as people like coworkers, family, random people are I just can’t get over the stage fright. So I just try to stick to very simple combos haha

Well if that happens just focus on the yoyo that I how I got interviewed for a newspaper

Yoyoing in public is indeed awesome.

Just be careful not to hit anyone… Especially if there’s families watching with kids running around. You tend to forget that a yoyo is a fast moving, sometimes metal, object, that could indeed hurt someone. I’ve had a few close calls, once a kid went RUNNING past me right as I was throwing. It didn’t hit him, but he did trip, fall, cry, and I had some very angry parents…

TLDR; Yoyoing in public is awesome, just be careful.

Yup, I’ve had a my brother run under my arm right before I threw. Hit him in the shoulder. Oops.

The other day I was standing at the zoo waiting for my sister and mom to get out of the bathroom. I start throwing and when my mOm and sister get out of the bathroom, I had a crowd of little kids around me. It was pretty cool

On multiple occasions I’ve met people that have or still do yo yo and it’s been lots of fun! At boondocks, a parade, backstage at the talent show, efy and all sorts of places I’ve met people that yo yo. Also, just about everyone loves watching it! Even if you screw up and you know, they don’t so don’t worry about it ;). It’s something people haven’t seen before and it fascinates them! Just avoid small technical tricks, crowd pleasers and bigger tricks are both fun and people love to watch them. Tons of people liked watching it when I went to efy and just anywhere really, so everywhere you go (for the most part :slight_smile: ) take a throw!

Yoyoing in public is awesome! (If you are awesome enough to answer questions, walk the dog and do other simple tricks, let others try it, and laugh at yourself and with others.) I’ve seen very few people yo in public but on the occassions I have, I was disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed with skill level, I like to see everyone yo, I was disappointed with attitude. The attitude that says “look at me” and then gets upset with people when they do.

I could say more but… :stuck_out_tongue: .

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LOVE THAT SHOW. If you want to know who the mother is I can tell you. I am kind of mad I went and found out and ruined it for myself though.