Do you yo-yo in public, have you ever met anyone else throwing in public?

sometimes when I throw in public its so hopefully I can somehow meet another thrower.
maybe i can walk up to someone else who is throwing in public.
but neither have happened to me before. Im kind of introvert, so I don’t like flashing tricks where theres alot of people. Ive never seen anybody do real 1a yoyo besides online. Is it cause the community is small or is it cause we’re all shy or something else?

(btw im in california.)


I am not shy at all when it comes to yoyoing around non-string slingers. I love when people come up and talk to me about it. If they seem interested enough, I take the yoyo off my finger and tell them to give it a try. I bet I would be a lot more introvert around other yoyoers. I would be nervous :joy:


We are a very, very, very, tiny, tiny, tiny community. I’ve only seen / met one real-life person with skills. No one I know or have met has ever been remotely interested in the yoyo I showed them or been practicing around.


i only met one other thrower in real life. thats pretty much it. i think the only way to expose yourself to this community is to go to competitions, festivals, meetups, and clubs


actually same! when you throw a double or nothing around non-yoyoers its cool
but when your around yoyoers, its not xd

but that said, im alot better than double or nothing :thinking:


I always have a yoyo in my pocket. Everywhere I go. I like to pull out my yoyo and noodle around instead of vegging out on my phone in public if I find myself with a short amount of time to kill.

That being said, some days I feel more shy and reserved than others. I find that most people generally could not care less about the fact that someone is actually doing something with a yoyo other than playing catch.

I have only met one other person who knows their way around an unresponsive yo-yo, and it was at a farmers market random enough. I had my yoyo on my belt clip and it was visible, and one of the guys at one of the booths was like, Hey man! Is that a yoyo? And I was like yeah dude. And he was like do you mind? And I was like, do you know how to use an unresponsive yo-yo? And he was like yeah of course!

So he busted out a cool little front style combo and then gave me back my yoyo. It was pretty cool. I never saw that guy again though, because I had to move to a different state that next month so I never got his info.


the thing is when im in public:

  1. i have actually have stuff to do so cant yoyo
  2. its too crowded
  3. not the right situation

usually xd


I met one other guy who yo-yos but tragically he is an insufferable elitist and i hate him




We always hurt the ones we love!


Maybe…there should be one day we designate that every single person on this forum wears a yoyo holster with their yoyo exposed as much as they can. Some people can’t do this at work which is understandable - do it after work at the store or wherever you may go. Just an idea…


I do that anyway…


I love throwing in front of my building which is on a semi-busy street. Sometimes I get smiles, honks, waves. A few weeks ago a bus driver was leaning out her window asking me to do rock the baby. I had earbuds in so I didn’t really hear her in time. I managed a snap start but that was it, she smiled.


Yesterday I was yoyoing while waiting in a underground bus stop and was told to put the yoyo away before i hurt someone by some security guy… Seriously?


Oh and there is also this one time when I was yoyoing while commuting on campus and a guy came up and asked me where to get a yoyo, appearing very interested (naturally I showed him the yoyoexpert website lol)


I never have

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To heck with that guy, seriously


Saving the world, one potentially violent thrower at a time.


I was told the same at an Elton John concert. I understood and put the yoyo away but come on, I wanna yoyo! :joy:


I can see that argument in a big, tight crowd, yo-yo-ing does take a reasonable amount of space.