Yo-Yo-ing in public?

I hate stadning in line or waiting for something, so Usually I pull out a yo-yo to entertain myself.

Always got a throw in my yoyo holster.

When I’m waiting for something I take it out… If people want to watch, sure… I was at a bus stop in Connecticut and one girl was walking over to me… She went back to a group of her friends who giggled.

That was weird…

She probably wanted to talk to you or ask you a question but chickened out. :wink:

Yup! She talked to me later in the hotel lol… Now we’re friends!

Baller! xD

please deleteee

Super pimp mastah. Teach me your ways.

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I yoyo in public, not often and mostly at school. I tend to get mixed reactions, but mostly good which motivates me. I think a reason for people to not throw in public is because of comfort and convenience reasons.

I’ve only been Yo-yo-ing for about a month and I’m not very good yet.

(Things I can do: Trapeze, rapeze and Brother Brain Twister Split Atom, and I’m working on Matrix, Buddha’s Revenge and some suicides stuff), with that said I’m pretty bad but I still yo-yo around my campus a bit. What’s someone going to do come up and say, “Hey! You! Knockitoff.” Most people enjoy watching even if you’re not very good like me. Sometimes you get to feel pro to because people compliment your simple braintwister split atom combo you’ve done 1600 times in a row!

So yes, I yo-yo in public.

I think how much you yoyo in public also depends on your style. I mostly 4a, which doesn’t work so well in public places same with 5a. When I get a chance I throw outside. I wish their were more south nj throwers. Hopefully now that I’m starting 2a I can finally throw public places in doors.

Haha! 2a is potentially deadly, but it can be done indoors. 1A is going to be the friendliest style of play for indoors. :slight_smile:

Haha yeah 2a is still not the best choice. I just can’t get into 1a, string tricks don’t interest me at all.

I do 1A because I’m not boss enough for any other style. 2A is where the king pimps are. And therefore where I’ll never be. :wink:

This. Tried my hand at 2A for a while, never worked out. :frowning:

I don’t yoyo too much outside. Might change a bit once it gets warmer though since I need to practice my eli hops more and I’m looking around some 4A stuff.

I Yoyo in public can’t go anywhere without my Yoyo! Otherwise it just doesn’t feel right i need to do something with my hands.

Mostly in school
Otherwise I always have a yoyo

airports it a must… cure for bordum. Reactions in the airport are fun… i was practicing brent stole… literally never gotten it before, and as a guy walks by i actually land it and he just goes “DAAAAANG! That was tight!” and kept walking… made me chuckle. Otherwise ill yoyo in public when i can. i usually bring a fixed axle yoyo so i can just walk and go up and down when i please.

Yes. I ALWAYS carry a yo-yo on my belt loop on my YYF holder. I usually always pick a yo-yo that matches my outfit. I even carry a yo-yo to church.

The only times I actually yo-yo in public is when I have nothing to do and it is at an appropriate time. Usually in the mall or something.

Reactions are fun haha. I was on the sidewalk holding my Yo-Yo and a car pulls up to me and tells me to throw. They say that that’s amazing and drive away.