is yoyoing dorkey?

well is it ??? :-\ :-[ :-[ :’( :frowning: :’(

Only if you think it is.

It depends on you. I am kind of embarrassed to throw in public, but every time I do i get complements and people saying things like “thats amazing”. My girlfriend thinks it’s pretty cool as well. I’m not like a super throw nerd guy that constantly talks about yo-yos though. Anything can be "dorky if taken to an extreme. I would put my money on no though. It doesn’t matter anyway. If its what you enjoy, then do it. Ignore everybody else and just have fun. To quote Little Miss Sunshine “Do what you love, and ‘Forget’ the rest!”

I think I’m a nerd for yoyoing. haha I was the complete opposite through High school. “I think its cool no matter what you think” is the right attitude to have.

I think that the way you present yourself to the general public is going to determine how they see you. For example if you were to only yoyo at home and hide it from people then yeah people are going to think that you are a dork, but if you go out and dont care what other people think and show that you are having fun while busting out some yoyo sickness then people are going to start coming up to you as you are throwing some madness and take an interest and mabey ask you how they can do some of those wicked tricks.
And also as Mamonga said “Do what you love, and “forget” the rest!”

As above throw some good old style n flow into it!

it kind of is, but its fun so who cares what other people think, i always yoyo in my school hallways if i have time to kill, most people say nice things about it so throwing in public doesn’t bother me anymore, plus its awesome carrying a yoyo with you everywhere you can yoyo and just walk around lol

Is yoyoing dorkey/nerdy? Absolutely. Ha. But it’s fun and unique and awesome so keep throwin’!

It’s already well hidden. It doesn’t really matter at this point, IMO.

I think it depends on how much you let yoyoing infulence your life. If you do nothing except yoyo, talk about nothing except yoyos and things of the like, then i think it would be nerdy. But if your cool about it and just do your thang its cool haha

No matter how cool i act at school i always get told i have no life…ho hum…high school sux…

I do not think it is dorky, but keep it balanced, as in yo-yo whenever you feel like it, and (this is just an example) read a book, or if you like baseball then play baseball, because if you don’t, then you might end up quitting, take it from somebody who has, but if you keep it balanced, then you will enjoy it, and other people might not think it is dorky, and if they do, who cares, because if you enjoy it, then you shouldn’t worry what other people think.
I hope this helps.


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I dont like situations were I dont get the chance to explain yoing, so I dont yo in public.

pffft heck no if you show it right. If its what you do everyday during lunch then yeah but once in a while its way cool.


Being a little older and having a little more life experience…

You gotta do what you wanna do, you can’t let other people’s influence take you down or you will never realize your true potential.

My whole life I stopped myself from doing stuff because people found it weird or my parents said it was a waste of time.

Do what makes you happy, not what makes other people happy.

Haha that’s awesome!

Only if you think it is.

I think I’m pretty nerdy.