has this ever happened to you?

so basically, when I yoyo in school and/or in public, people think that I am trying to show off, (which im not trying to, it just looks like it ) Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I just want to see how commonly this occurs to others :wink:

I dont go to school and at my theater (my only after “school” activity) i dont throw much because its annoying. But don’t listen to them. Tell them you do it because you are just playing around. Or you could go the other route and just fake over show off. Haha.

I sometimes get that, but mostly I get “You practice too much.” (As in Get a Life).

Yeah. It’s the way casuals react to a talent you don’t see everyday. They have no idea that you’re just casually throwing down some combos rather than making the biggest spectacle.

I haven’t been called a show off but I have been told its a waste of time and money but my response is just hey u waste ur time and money playing video games I spend my time yoyoing which for me is less expensive than a game system! But recently I just bought myself an Xbox so… Lol

Ehh, haven’t really yoyoed in “public” but when I did, a family just watched me amazed and asked a few questions. I was in a carpeted store so I walked the dog :wink:

Sometimes the family says I throw too much at our annual gatherings. But otherwise, not really. Sometimes people comment on it when I’m in cosplay, but at that point I’m already blatantly “showing off” anyways!

Every time :smiley:

Know one really tells me that

But they always ask me stupid questions about it

same. I almost always get positive responses or no responses at all.

I’ve gotten that A LOT from people I know haha. I’ve also gotten much more positive feedback from non yoyo players.

From some friends, but they are always joking around. Rarely from others, because I’m thought of as the kid that lives in the weight room lol

where ever I am I Yoyo my mom thinks it never leaves my finger. Because of this my siblings think I do it to show off even though I do it cause I want to or I want to do something with my hands even when its in the most interesting of spots which like when I am helping my mom pack groceries at the grocery store I Yoyo. My siblings don’t get it they think I do it for the show… However at school most students are in aww of me yo-yoing and it doesn’t even phase me because it’s so common these days.

I yo-yo at home, or around other people who yo-yo. If someone thinks you are doing something worth showing off…take it as a compliment. It means you have really cool tricks.

I used to always get the “Wow, you have way to much time on your hands!” jab. For both yoyoing and contact juggling.

I try to laugh all that stuff off. Honestly though, if you worried that people will think that you are one dimensional, get to know them a bit before you start throwing around them.

I never throw around people unless they ask me to.

Some of the guys at school call me a show off but the ladies like it so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whatever works lol

Ive never had anyone say that Im trying to show off

They usualy just stand there and watch and say"that the coolest thing Ive ever seen" or somthing like that