What do non yoyoers think of us?

Funny story. Drunk people usually say stupid things.

Yep. :smiley:

Like the time at the NH club. :smiley:

That was fun.

On topic,

I love throwing in public, some people think it’s amazing, especially kids.

One time I had an old lady, like 70’s, compliment me, I showed her a few things.

Some people don’t care, my cousin grabs my yo-yo while it’s spinning and it ticks me off.

I performed for a Baseball team, they played against the Fishercats in NH, they were the Phillies. They loved it, one was like do the spin around thing, I was like huh? Every one does that. :stuck_out_tongue: he meant the gyro flop, and I did it. :smiley: He was amazed.

Little kids love it, awestruck.

Hey fellavader,

remember at the last meetup?

The kids were like, you guys are masters!

I am definitely not a master. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woops, that was long, :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only gotten positive feedback in public, my frinds jokingly call me a nerd :stuck_out_tongue: but other than that I usually attract a crowd of 20 at my school if your nervous about it just go to a corner or table at lunch with your friends and then after you get more confident do it more openly! ;D

Im a Fire Fighter and I thought the guys would give me alot of grief, because as fire fighters, we make fun of each other alot. But the guys on my shift thought it was one of the coolest things they have seen!! They all call me the “yo-yo” now! They even replaced my name on my helmet with"Yo-Yo"!!

If You have fun doing it, who cares what people think!!

Haha yeah my relatives say that bunch too. That I’m amazing and I’m like the best yoyoer ever and I would win any competition I enter. Then I tell them I’m not even close (I’m on advance 2 getting into some of the expert stuff on this site) but then they say you could get them! I just think it’s funny but enjoy it a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really care what others think.

The main response is “WOW”.

If you think about it, anyone that is “too cool” for yoyoing isn’t worth your time. Take it everywhere with you :smiley:

I was throwing at the beach today and some guy walked up to me and said “That’s pretty cool.” I think it’s really cool to get noticed while throwing in public. It really motivates me to throw more.

I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings…being at another softball game, family environment. I’m sure people will watch and comment. Last time when I was at that park, I heard a parent sitting with their kid tell them to ‘watch that guy do the yoyo, he’s really good!’

I also had it where some other kids were violently playing with their yoyo when I just come out and do a couple tricks. The kids watch but are very shy about it. They go back to swinging their yoyo like a weapon. The parents then tell their kid to ‘either play their yoyo like that guy over there (referring to me) or put it away…you’re going to hurt someone!’ A few minutes later, I broke the ice and were showing the kids (and the parents) how to work their yoyo and how to set up a slipknot etc. I then pointed them to here and they later wanted to go to Toys R Us to pick up a better yoyo than what they had (A beat up Pro Fly with knotted up string).

My little brother who’s 4 always stops my yo-yo. :confused:

Our polydactyl (paws with extra toes) cat attacks my FHZ Pulse and often puts it to a dead stop after a strong throw…she however stays away from my metals.

All my family tells me I could be a street performer all the time and I would make tons of money, I’m not so sure I would make a lot of money.

i m the only person yoyoing in my 50000 students campus. People feel it childish even nerd-like when I do tricks on my way to class.

In china, yoyo reminds people of an anime called blazing teen. And they think it’s just a toy for children coz the anime is for children.

Yesterday at the park…a gold mine of responses from throwing publicly. A kid and father are walking by when you hear the kid yell excitedly “Ooh, dad, look! Yo-yo!” So they came by and I showed them some tricks. The kid was extremely excited and both kid and parent thanked me for showing them some stuff.

A bit later, I’m just goofing around. I happened to be wearing my YYE shirt yesterday and had my YYE contest bag slung over my shoulder. A couple of parents across the path (most likely reading my shirt and/or bag) said “Yoyo expert…he really is a yoyo expert!” They watched a couple tricks and resumed watching the game going on.

I would be curious to try throwing at the college campus but since I’m finished up there, I won’t be up on campus. When I was taking my last session of classes, I had my yoyo with me but often shied away from throwing as I was still in that mode of thinking “what will non-yoyoers think of me?”