Yoyoing at high school?

Hey everybody, School has just started up again and I’m now in 9th grade. I’m going to my towns high school with all the older students. It feels uncomfortable to yoyo in this new environment, and I’m not sure if it is appropriate to play with what people see as a toy. Would it make me look like a loser to yoyo? When I was at the middle school a year ago, most people seemed to think my tricks were impressive and some wanted to try. Thanks for any advice given.

I think that it depends on if you’re comfortable with throwing in public in general. For me, I yoyoed all through out high school. Take it from me; I’m currently in the 12th grade, and I’ve been throwing around my campus since I was a freshmen. At least at my school, many didn’t seem to care; and we just minded our own business.

Although, many were fascinated with the idea of yoyos; and that made me friends with people. Yoyoing in school really sets you apart from the rest as unique and different. I was never bullied for yo-yoing at high school, but instead praised. You should give it a try and see if your school likes it ;D ;D

It doesn’t matter what people think. Do you what you like to do as long as it is right :grin:

As others have said, do what makes you happy, even if it is different.

I always yoyoed in high school. I met tons of people because of it, impressed some people, spread some knowledge of yoyoing, had fun, and always was myself (good or bad? you decide).

The closest thing that has ever happened to me near bullying about yoyos throughout high school was being told “you are good at a lot of pointless things.” That being said, I was known as the yoyo guy and hacky sack dude at speech events and had just shown them some weird sounds I can make… Oh well :wink:

I didn’t do it a ton in high school, but there were plenty of days that I did. I never had any issues. I was a freshman way back in 1998 though, so take that for what it is.

I’d say if you did it in middle school and it wasn’t a big deal, it shouldn’t be a big deal in high school either.

Most people either don’t care or will praise you for it. If they think badly of you for it too bad for them! If your in a crowded place your probably gonna get some attention. If you want to yoyo go for it!

Hey man I’m 35 and still play with my “toys” when I can. Don’t worry about what people think. Do what you like :slight_smile:

I just threw in public at a metal concert this weekend. People were impressed with my ‘Christian Magic’ and some bands gave me free stuff. The main point is to be yourself and good people will be impressed

Alright, I’ll bring a yoyo to school tomorrow and see if I have time to throw. Thanks for the advice😃

If you can do more than up and down and walk the dog and rock the baby and other standard tricks, and the older people (most likely the older boys, specifically) poke fun at you, they’re just jealous of your abilities. I can do basic tricks and baffle older teens and adults of any age and so can you. If anything, it’s a way to prove that you’re cool, too.

Ok… Let me get this straight. You’re on a yoyo forum. Addressing members Worldwide that throw yoyos. And you want to know if throwing a yoyo around non-throwers will make you look like a ‘loser’?

I suggest more Oxygen🤓

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Bro you’ll be fine I do it all the time in high school, it helps you meet new people.

Well, people are judgmental, especially at my age. I don’t think it would be a big surprise if someone was made fun of for bringing a “toy” to a high school. That’s just me though, I am always worried about what people think of me. So yes, I am asking other yoyoers for their opinions and advice.

Correction in perspective.

A yoyo is not a toy. It is a ‘skill toy’.

There is a considerable difference.

Toys are primarily used to entertain yourself. Tonka toys, Barbie dolls, little plastic army men, etc. are ‘toys’.

Skill toys do nothing without adding your skills. Yes(I know) you can entertain yourself with yoyos.

But if you have some Cool tricks and you bust em out at School; your yoyo is not a toy in that instance.

It is your Mad skills that allow your yoyo to be entertaining.

Do not under estimate the entertainment value of Skills powering Skill toys.:nerd_face:

Ask John Higby😎


I know the yoyo isn’t just a toy. Yoyoing is my favorite thing to do, and I have put in a lot of time learning how to use it over the years. I used the word toy because I think the average teenager would see it this way.

Hey Collin don’t forget…you only get one chance to make a first impression…

I somewhat messed with my yoyo in high school but quickly kept it to myself. Oddly enough in my freshman yearbook, there’s a pic of me in the table of contents rocking the baby with my Yomega Raider.

I regularly smuggled yoyos to school in Jr high and had one stolen and returned to me damaged (overcranked Yomega Brain)… Once I reached high school, I kind of put yoyoing aside and also my other obsession at the time, Pokemon was kept to myself. I did however pick up on Magic the Gathering as if that weren’t anymore “nerdy” at the time.

I’m sure most wouldn’t even see yoyoing as nerdy today. They see a cool combo and they’ll be amazed. I’ve had some teens of all types flip out when they even see a simple flashy bind, including some of the “ghetto/rough crowd.” It’s not like how it was in the 90s where it seemed that only nerds played with yoyos.

Are you saying that I only get one chance to make a first impression on the forums, or in high school? I’m sorry if I seem like a know it all or something. I was in a bad mood when I wrote the two comments earlier. Anyways I brought a yoyo to school today and no one seemed to care. I was only able to use it a couple times between classes, but that’s OK.

Do whatever you want–it’s your choice.

But don’t let people’s opinions stop you from being yourself and doing what you love.