has this ever happened to you?

for people who yoyo at school:

50% of people say “NERD!” and 50% say “how do you do that?!?” or “WOW!”


I’ve only thrown publicly on a college campus. No one ever said anything negative, but I usually had my headphones on anyway. Some people would stop and watch for a second and I’d just give them a little nod to let them know it was ok…but generally I didn’t have any interaction good or bad, which is the way I wanted it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school but it sure seems like some of your high schools are terrible places to be. Sure there are always bad apples, but I don’t feel like I’d have had a problem unless I was being obnoxious for some reason.

Never threw while in school. I started in this for reals at the age of 39.

Sorry, can’t relate. However, my wife things I’m a dork now, if that counts for anything.


Every day… And a whole new school year starts tomorrow for me…

I work at a K-8 charter school, and get to throw all day.
I get “WHY do you do that?” “HOW do you do that?” and “Are you going to start a yoyo club?”

I actually wrote a bit about that in my college apps. I may have stretched it a little bit, but still.


I do it where I work in a joint service military location. I get both reactions from everyone who sees me.

School starts tomorrow. Yay. More getting made fun of.

If you have idiots in your school who make fun of you for yoyoing I would stop yoyoing in school. That is unless it doesn’t bother you.

I always get asked, “Why would you spend so much time on that?”
A lot of times I get the, “Lots of free time” comments.
Just pay attention to the other half, the people who think your awesome.

Haters gonna Hate.

Meh…when someone insults my yoyoing I do Eli hops toward their face. Works great.

I don’t really have any time at my school to yoyo. I don’t know if it would even be allowed. I have showed a lot of my friends at my house and other places though. They thought it was really cool. I tried to teach a couple of them because they were kind of interested but they never really kept going.

Everybody who has seen at school calls me “gay” what that has to do with yoyos is beyond me. I just stopped doing that at school. People can be really cruel sometimes i’ve come to figure out.

i once was doing that to my dad. i came too close and eli hops my dad in the forehead!!


When I was in secondary school I had people watch me in the hallways that I almost blocked.
They didn’t say anything except that it was something different and it’s nice to see something unique.
Now I’m in university and nobody really says anything, but my those who see me, tell me that it’s impressive :slight_smile:

I eli hopped my friend in the cheek, or somewhere over there.

I homeschool, so if my brothers or sisters don’t like it. I don’t really care…

But I do get curious looks from people, sometimes they come up to talk, it’s annoying if they don’t.