has this ever happened to you?

i’ve gotten to the point where i’m good enough for people not to laugh at me, once you start mastering tricks people should be asking “how do you do that” and “how long did it take to learn that” instead of making fun of you, and if they do, just say “you can"t do what i do” and then leave

Sometimes I do boomerang or Asian pops close to my brother when he annoys me, but I usually reserve that for extreme circumstances of aggravation.

It was an accident when I hit my friend, I was trying to go as close as possible without hitting him



However, if Eli Hop a teacher, they’ll arrest m for assault.

I’ve hit plenty of people. Y newest trick is hitting the hat off of someone’s head. I’ve done it a few times, but it’s rather difficult. I got in trouble for whirling around a yoyo and counterweight at school.

Hehe, you hit quote, not modify. :wink:

I kno… :stuck_out_tongue:

At school I’m a pretty well-liked guy so nobody really bothers me. Instead its usually words of praise, but if anyone were to say something like that, I would just ignore it.

i dont yoyo at school, but most of the responses i get are “SHOWOFF”

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I yoyo at school when I’m with my friends so no one says anything much, they just look at it for a second and walk away.

I started as a senior in high school. Fortunately I was pretty popular so everyone just thought it was awesome. A bunch of people started running around with Metal Drifters. A few went big and got Yuukstas and some kid even bought a Superstar when they were like 125$ haha.

Really just pretend like it’s a big deal and it’s cool and other people will think so. Honestly I’ve never heard anything negative about it, though.