So today I was throwing at my school in between periods. I wasn’t doing anything super difficult or cool looking, just some stuff I enjoy doing. I don’t normally like to throw in public because the reactions i get fall into an unfortunate ratio of more negative attention than positive attention. One of my fellow classmates was watching me, and came over. While in the middle of a trick, He said “You know, that really doesn’t impress me that much”. I wasn’t exactly sure how to react. I suppose I said " I guess so" or mumbled something as I couldn’t think of what to say. I was so annoyed. His reaction just painted a picture of most people in my school. He couldn’t think that maybe I really enjoyed throwing. Maybe I don’t care what he thinks, it doesn’t matter to me, all that matters is I enjoy it. What made him think all the work I do was just to impress him? High school’s not always about how you look to others, it’s about enjoying yourself. This jerk could only see one side, the side of wearing what’s in, even if you don’t like it, Doing what’s considered “cool” just to fit in. This is why I don’t throw in public anymore. People these days are so judgmental that they can’t see anything from any other side than their own.

Sorry for ranting, I just felt incredibly annoyed and wondered if anyone else had experience something like this.

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People can be jerks. You should do what you like to do and have fun doing it. Ignore anyone who says stuff like that.


Tons of people that Ive talked to on the forum have said kids make fun of them. I throw in school pretty often and haven’t been mocked or made fun of. Maybe I just have a really nice public school…

But, If you keep throwing youll find those he appreciate the entertainment yoyoing brings to them. Keep it up man, someone out there loves it im sure :wink:


Yes, I have experienced this many times before at school. Mostly the older grades are always,“Oh that’s so awesome!”(in an obvious sarcastic tone), and then more come and do the same around me some times. I still throw at school, (recess, in between class periods, bus stop etc.) but now I try to make it less obvious that I’m doing it.


College. Thats where you will shine the most…almost all of the childish, click stuff dissolves and people appreciate talents like that. trust me on that.


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You are aggravated at people trying to get you to fit into a mold, so you stop doing what made you not fit said mold in the first place?

Get out there dude. Show them that you don’t give a crap.


I’ve taken enough crap for a while. I’ll still throw in public, just need a break from all the bothersome people. I suppose doing what you said makes the most sense, but I’m ready to punch the next person who sarcastically comments on my hobby.


you just described exactly the vibes that I get from most everyone.


I’m fortunate enough that so far whenever I’ve thrown in public the people who think it’s a bit strange will stop for second to watch and then move on while the people who are interested will have a chat about it. I’ve started carrying cheap plastic throws around so they can join in the fun.

You’re never going to be able to please everybody so just do what you love and at least you’ll be happy.



Just ignore it. People are stupid sometimes. Who cares what they think.


I think it’s probably a sign that I’m getting older, but when I read stuff like this I just can’t imagine caring at all about what was said. When I was younger I probably would have, just can’t remember thinking that way.


Those with such opinions aren’t usually the ones with an opinion that really matters anyway.


Yeah I kinda get that. Feeling when I Yoyo at lunch in school but then most of the kids are wow amazing you can do that? So it’s not that bad but what usually happens is I get in a trance with the Yoyo and everything else blurrs


I havnt yoyoed at school yet exactly for this reason. Although I have found older people are usually impressed the most


This is cliché I suppose…

Those who truly matter in life don’t mind what your hobbies are, those who mind what you’ve chosen as your hobby don’t truly matter in your life.



Are you having fun? Yes? Then who really cares what somebody else thinks about what pleases you.

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You know, I recently started throwing in school, and I love it so much except for all the stupid idiots who make fun of it. Normally I could care less what people think but recently its been getting on my nerves ALOT. It makes me want to quit. I’m so done with people being such dbags. Everyone thinks that Im an awkward weirdo just because I yoyo. I’m so incredibly fed up with it. I really dont think I want to throw at school anymore, its just so bad. I had a decent reputation last year, and like I said, I have a pretty strong personality and can deal with it and dont care normally. But its just getting on my nerves so much. I used to be the guy who said on these forums, “dont worry about it bro, as long as youre having fun then why do you care what anyone else thinks, just keep on throwing.” Its just really hard to ignore it now that Im in the situation, you know. Gotta see it from the other perspective I guess. But seriously.

Im tired of it.

Absolutely. Tired of it.



Soviet Locust, you need to seriously understand something. There are basically 3 kinds of people you will run into while yoing: 1 people who could care less what you do… 2 people that can appreciate what you do because they either have the same or similar hobby(juggling, diabolo, etc.)(or respect and/or recognize the difficulty of things they cannot do) so they share your enthusiasm and 3 ignorant idiots that refuse to accept or appreciate ANYTHING they are not into. < They are called ‘Spoilers’. They are the clowns that go to a movie and say it’s not any good. They go to see a Comedian and say the guy isn’t that funny. They go to a party and say it’s a dead party. They go to the best Restaurant in town with 15 other people and are the only ones that say the food isn’t that good.

They can’t do what you, so they don’t like what you do. People that confront you with unsolicited negativity are usually Very Unhappy people. They actually feel better if they can bring you down.

If I was yoing outside where others might see me and somebody walked up and said,’ those tricks don’t look that impressive’, I would just smile and say,'I throw yoze for my enjoyment, not yours.

If you just can’t Deal with the Heat from Haters, then don’t yo in public.


Man kids these days are so disrespectful.

Why are you telling us? You should’ve told this to him.

Don’t ignore it then. Confront the people making fun of you.


People in general these days seem to be very disrespectful.

I was throwing a bit before my event while waiting for other people to do their parts to prepare themselves. I also had theryobit(another forum user) with me. All we got were compliments of one type or another. I guess it helps that the event was at a horror/sci-fi convetion and a lot of people are into a lot of weird stuff. People at these things appreciate “off the norm” stuff.

My opinion:
Look, if you’re not harming anyone, you’re being safe and courteous, then who cares!

I know that people can say mean things that affect us. It’s how we deal with that. You enjoy the yoyo, so yoyo and enjoy it. The only one who should be able to take that away from you is you, not someone else.