People often talk about other throwers at their school

And I was wondering about this because its such an uncommon hobby. Did you get them into it? Did they get you into it? I’ve gotten one person really into it and another kind of into it.

I rarely talk about throwing at school…

I’ve got a lot of people thinking its really cool, but only two kids have actually bought a yoyo, and one kids way more motivated. I don’t talk about it at school, I just do it at school. But pretty much all the guys in my class can do a bind, and everyone knows what it is, even if they can’t do it.

I never bring yoyos to school, cause I don’t need anything distracting me from my schooling. Focus time ya know.


What grade are you in, Haru? College?

2nd year of college hun.

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I’m in Grade 8, so I got plenty of time for messing around. :wink:

My buddy who i havent seen in two years just got into it an im stoked! He found his old throw monkey he had as a kid. Im not in school anymore, he’s a senior.

Cool yo.

ya finally im not the only thrower in my area. I was so lonely hahaha.

i don’t really make it known that i throw

in hs, a lot of people knew and they thought it was cool. it’s different in college though.

In college, people just don’t care about what anyone does cause they are focused on their own thing. One can be yoyoing right at the front of the main campus entrance, and most likely, people will just walk by getting to their classes.


tbh i’d rather not be seen as “that girl who plays with toys” and i go to college in a more conservative area so people are just ignorant like that and they will have something to say

Theres just me and my friend who can yoyo really good but doesnt want to throw so its really just me :confused: its sad to be the only 1 out of 1100 others that yoyos