Yoyo at school

i have been thinking about it but i dont know.

I yoyo at school every day. If they ask to try, just say no. I learned that the hard way. A kid hit my IKYO Agape on the sidewalk. And if you do decide to yoyo at school, stick to 1A. Any other style is a safety hazard.

I yoyo at my school all the time. When people ask me if they can try it, i tell them they can’t because it is an expensive yoyo that they would not be able to work correctly.

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I always yoyo at school, but i’m in college so it might be a little different for you. anyways usually about half the people ignore you, and the rest of them either stare or come up and talk to you about it. I usually try and have a beginner yoyo like a duncan mosquito that i dont really care about on me if i think there will be other people around that want to try, and if I don’t have one I politely explain to them that it is a “special kind of yoyo” and you need to do a special trick (bind) to make it come back. But regardless of what people say I think it’s great to yoyo in as many public places as possible it’s a great way to show other people the sport, cause most people haven’t seen anything other than rock the baby, around the world, and walk the dog.

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thank you all i will give it a try and see what happens :slight_smile:

Its probably okay at recess or something but not during class like if you sneak to the bathroom just to throw. School is for learning.

I do it all the time! Just carry an extra cheapie plastic throw with you if people as or just say no.

I do it all the time. Just not 4a or 5a. I tried to do 4a, and got in trouble. So I stick to good 'ol 1a

I’m kinda mixed on this. Still a kid at heart, yet a parent of 4(2 being in school), here’s my thoughts, especially considering the school had a NED show and was selling yoyos for a bit:

The yoyo is a toy, and toys should not be at school. However, many kids are finding ways to “smuggle contraband” into schools, and why would a yoyo be any different? The schoool is having me to yoyo days as soon as we can deal with the logistics. As this now counts as an activity, yoyos can come to school, but should be kept in their backpacks or book bags until an appropriate time. Key word here is appropriate time, which it appears most of the people here have a clear understanding of that concept.

So, if a school is willing to give some slack for recess, breaks, period changes, lunch and the like, and otherwise the yoyo is kept “put away”, then I see no reason for problems. It really comes down to school administration and their rules and enforcement, combined with students exhibiting proper decision making processes, this can be successful.

Organizing school activities involving the yoyo can help encourage acceptance of yoyos at school. As long as people are behaving properly, there should be no issues.

I throw at my kid’s school after school for a few minutes while I wait to pick that kid up. I encourage others to ask questions, throw and to try to attend my yoyo meetings. Of course, I also expect parents to attend as well!

Yes, I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my desk.

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I yoyo at school and all my teachers think I’m some king of god (I’m not even that great at yoyo). When I tell them I’m going to a contest they always want to see my routine.

You see, I had the very same problem…

What I do is I either bring 2A loopers with really short string so that they can’t hit the ground and when they do a gravity pull they feel like a freaking god. This is the ultimate solution.

If I do bring a 1A yoyo it is usually a beater; something like a plastic or old yoyojam or metal. I Actually like the feeling of older, more beat up throws than new shiny ones mostly for the reason that they are more comfortable. I mean don’t misunderstand, I think it’s all preference, but until they get a ding, I usually live in constant fear of them getting damaged; that doesn’t stop me from throwing though…

Bottom line: Yo-yo when appropriate (Lunch/Recess/Passing if not crowded) and if it is something of value to you, either don’t bring it or say no when they ask you to try it.

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I agree here. Only do it when it’s appropriate. But otherwise, go ahead. I do the same all the time. Recess is meant to be fun (though we high schoolers don’t have that fun time, we just have a longer lunch.)

I am home schooled so of course yoyo at school!

lunch and breaks i’m yoyoing everyday

Coming from one who smuggled yoyos to school (so parents wouldn’t see, turned out in the long run they didn’t care), thought it was fine to yoyo for a few days until a yard supervisor came out to stop us. This was during recess. They told us to put them away and they don’t want to see them again.

Next day and bummed, we continued to throw but went to the far back of the field. My friends and I were tired of the ‘nonsense’ and wrote up a petition, and made claims that bringing a yoyo to school is no different than the girls bringing their jumpropes (which were fine to bring), hackey sacks, frisbees, etc. Eventually, after submitting our petition (had quite a few signatures, forgot how many but there was a decent size), the rules were altered and we were given a designated ‘yoyo’ zone on the blacktop. See? Their fear was that we would knock someone in the head…every other item brought to school can be just as dangerous. Once the yoyo zone was ‘made’ and enforced, we respected it and only threw in that spot. Though I do remember being told to put it away as I was headed to the zone and had a dead yoyo, practicing Eiffel Tower.

While we smuggled yoyos to school and threw during the process of getting this petition written up, submitted, and reviewed, we still carried on our ways with learning, as in we didn’t let our obsession get in the way of things. They only went out during recess, before school, and after. Probably because we wanted to prove a point that we weren’t going to be distracted during class time, and nobody was going to get hurt…we just wanted to have fun like everyone else.

And this all started when I smuggled my Yomega Brain to school and walked the dog. Good old days!

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I yoyo right before school starts. We go to to the cafeteria, so i have a lot of room. I agree you should yoyo only when appropriate. So don’t go into class and start yoyoing. School is a place for learning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t yoyo there if you do it when you’re supposed to!

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I yoyo in school all the time… Just do it when your not being taught

Thats awesome! Thankfully my elementary school wasn’t so strict. Now that I’m in high school the teachers and staff couldn’t care less.

In my drafting class the teacher let me yoyo in there and had no problem with it. I was in the back of the room mostly when I was doing my yoyo thing and everybody in class was into it. Granted I sucked back then, hehe, but it was really cool of him. 1A, 4A and 5A he let me do, I just can’t do 2 or 3, hehe. It was my last semester in highschool that year ( I was a senior) but he was actually helping me learn how to draft them as well. Not while learning and such of course but when he was not teaching he really didn’t care if I yoyoed and he didn’t mind people in the class trying them out either. Reall cool guy.

When I got to middle school/jr. high, nobody really cared either though I still kept things on the hush…after all, I did get my Giga Pets confiscated when I had them out after school…quite pathetic if you ask me. During PE when we had to do our “Wednesday Runs” (which consisted of running laps through the school’s long loop and out front on the main road) my friend and I pulled out our yoyos and began doing sleepers and stuff while running. As we got back up the hill and past the ‘check point’ (we were being timed) suddenly I heard “Put them away! Put those away!” When we got out of site, we pulled them out again but put them away prematurely. We still did our runs in a timely manner. But this, I would not condone doing now.

High School, they couldn’t care any less. We were even allowed to take our Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards with us and play during lunch (I stuck with Magic at school).