this was awesome.!! yoyoing in school

well i was in english wich is 9th pd… we were talking about gifts and your favorite food for the holidays. ( witch is my grandmas pasta) . p.s u cant eat better pasta ANYWERE, Anyway she asked me what i wanted the most for christmas. so tried not to get into detail and said a yoyo , but she laughed with a few of my friends laughing to because everybody was like, im gettin a laptop, im getting an ipod touch. im gettin a yoyo. so they laughed and asked me if i had one with me, witch i always do. she made me yoyo infront of the class and im in 8th grade and i was very nervouse witch i shouldent of been because i am friends with practicaly the whole class except for these stuck up spoiled girls, so i walked up to the front of the class shaking and did some of my best tricks after i was done i look up and i see 30 kids and a teacher with jaws droped. im realy not that good but everybody started clapping and i smiled. then the girls i didnt like were like… awwww hes so cute :wink: . and it was realy fun and got alot of questions. so next time i shouldent try and get so nervouse because that almost made me get a knot on my first throw. just thought it would be cool to share with u guys and wanted to know if anything like this has ever happend to u.

ya we where takeing a class break an so i pull out my legacy and was grinding and all that they said it was “beast” lol

actually, yes.
i walked into one of my classes and was yoyoing. my teacher saw me and thought that it was just so super cool. so he told me that when class started that he wanted me to go to the front of the class and do a “show” for everyone. (this was probably 3 months ago when all i had was and xodus and hardly knew anything) andyways, i did things like double or nothing, baby in the cradle, trapeze, spagetti, (their fav). so after i was done i sat back down and after the class had settled down we were all getting our stuff out and he comes over to me and pulls out his wallet and hands me a twenty and then asks me to order him a yoyo i think would best suit him. i was enthralled. i had at the time a yyj dragon jam yoyo and i thought that it was a good yoyo for a beginner like him. it could sleep and was capable of the basics. so i ordered him a blue dragon jam. he was super happy and loves it! :smiley:

cool teacher. ;D

On the first day of 7th grade, four of my teachers told me to yoyo in front of the class, now they’re encouraging me to join the talent show at the end of the year.

Go for it!

I was just doing front style tricks next to my seat when I got bored in class and it was free time. A captive audience is always the best audience. Kids ask a lot of questions and complain on how their head hurts seeing it but amazing because of the techy stuff.

one of the campus security asked me if i was a pro.

I get that a lot. It’s weeeeeirrd…

In my sign language class my pocket change fell out of my pocket and my teacher asked (in sign) whats that thing? so I did a few throws for the class. It was really simple stuff like A-bombs, matrix, wormhole, etc. but they were amazed! now at the end of class I usually do some throws before the bell rings (i’m way better now, though).

my school has a yoyoclub…
my friend and i pretty much started it. :]
the Spanish teacher is REAL BEASTLY. hes our advisor in the club and he has a couple of high end metals.
hes the coolest.

When I went to Disney World I took a yoyo with me (how couldnt I?) So at first i was a little embarrsed to yoyo becuase I was still only on advanced two but once it acurred to me that the people there didn’t know that I was throwing every where i went. People would stop and stare and be like dumbfounded. One of the workers saw me throw my velocity down and then bind and said can you walk the dog? I replied well sorta. He said oh okay. But then I did popin fresh and his jaw dropped! What really got me was when we went to a different kingdom all the workers seemed to already know who I was! They said hey here comes the yoyokid! When i was in epcot one of the moms asked me to put on a show for her three little kids. You should have seen there eyes!


I’ve been asked if I’m pro many times, and one time I even yo-yoed for the principal. In my spanish everyone is always saying, “Mas yo-yo!” Haha I have a great time at school with mine.

Haha, I love yoyoing in public.  Everyone at my school knows me as the yoyo kid.  It got so popular that I did a show last year when I wasn’t that good but the crowd loved it.


Oh geeze… WELL!!! I started last year around the end of the school year… (wowzers… Feb will be a year) I yoyo’d alot in gym… And every one started to know me a “That kid with the yoyo” Over spring break I went to Disney World, Land? Which ever one is in Florida, and I yoyo’d all over the place… A couple a people filmed me in the lobby of our hotel, I was waiting for some friends and so I just yoyo’d… I met one employee who went and bought a mickeymouse yoyo (I had no idea they sold them! I was ticked!) and asked me to show him tricks… That was neat. Got pictures taken with a couple cute chicks, I did a Tower and they stood around me… Awesome!!

This year started out and it started in government, we had to pair up with a friend and then they would introduce us to the class, it was a fun thing to see how well your friends knew you. Well my friend said I had mad yoyo skills…So our teacher made me show off. It was hot, my hands were sweaty, and I messed up, alot… But they thought it was awesome. Then just the other day a friend in english wanted to see a trick she saw on youtube… (White buddha… I almost have it… sooo close) and my friend Jessie made the whole class turn and watch… Yeah that was weird… Showing one trick, looking up and the whole class is staring… So I yoyo in Gov. and English alot…

r u trying to show off because i know sign language too :wink:
have you ever did a story with rock the baby eiffel tower jamaican flag walk the dog stuff like that it is fun every one laughs

its cool how alot of u have had a simmaler experiance. its so cool ;D

Sigh My school is lame. When I was intermediate (March i believe) they just said wow and walked off.

no haha I was saying what class I was in thats all. how much sign do you know? im getting pretty good

I just had a talent show and i did this crazy stuff and everyone went absolutely CRAZY!!! almoast everyone that talked to me said it was the most amazing thing they had seen in a really long time. i was talking to my friend (i actually thought his claymation was the best thing in it) and a group of people came up to me and said “OMG u had the best act in the whole thing!” and my friend (he didn’t care) was like “wow, really? :P”

my math teacher found out that I yoyoed and had vids on youtube, (he has a butterfly that he will occasionally pull out in class) so next semester we are have a yoyo encore class That I am practically teaching!!! Everyone gets a Journey and we will go over the basics and get into some basic tricks. I am so exited!!!
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I guess Im really lucky…