this was awesome.!! yoyoing in school

this stuff is awesome

i am good not the best but can do alot

have to be i have deaf parents! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh so you’ve been around sign your whole life. thats pretty cool :slight_smile:

So I got this yoyo club going at my school and we ordered some Projams so I was carrying them around in a box and some people at the end of the day were like what’s in the box? So I showed them and I ended up chillin’ in that room for a good hour/hour and a half after school yoyoing with all of them :stuck_out_tongue: I need to start doing it more.

Same here, And to top it off my most complex tricks are Split the Atom and Mach 5… I love yuggles (I have no idea how to spell that ;D

funny i was sitting in class i had my gold rimmed skyline in my pocket like always my dumb friend yelled to the teacher tommys got tobacco in his pocket i said no i dont the teacher told me to empty my pockets so i did and i pulled out a yoyo and he said laughing a yoyo i used to be able to do some tricks on thesis can i try i said sure he throw a crooked sleeper tried to pull it up it would not come back up he said whats wrong i said nothing he said show me some tricks i was real nervous but i got away with guy wrights wonderland now im that yoyo kid got me in with the girls tho

One time when I went inside an Autozone, to buy flowable silicone, and I told what I was going to use it for, (they didn’t quite know what I was talking about) and this one employee asked me about yo-yoing, then asked if I could show them some tricks, then I showed them tricks like Barrel Rolls, Boing-E-Boing, Double-or-nothing, Rock the Baby, Dizzy Baby, and a few more, then when I was finaly done, there were three employees watching me, and all three were watching me, then I told them a few things about yo-yos.
Merry Christmas!

Ya about rvery day in school before 1st period i yoyo and everyone loves it. Its kind of funny ill do trpeze to check if theres a knot in my string. They all think im a pro. Than i go and do a zipper into a. Matrix and they think im a god. In reality i suck. Its just kind of fun to impress people with a yoyo.

Sounds great mate… :slight_smile:

A cool way to get the girls :wink:

i want to punch the camera man in the freaken face. SO ANNOYING. but still good job. you’ve got some juevos

OK, so me and my friend matt are known as the 2 yoyoguys in our school. We usually yoyo during lunch when we have free time, usually during 8th period spanish. Everyones always judging us and saying whos better which is really kind of funny because matt thinks hes all high and mighty because hes bought 230 bucks worth of yoyos in the last month and all i have is a new breed. It was really funny the other day, i was doin a trick i made up (youll see it soon in the freestyle im workin on :)) and i was doin it all smooth and another friend of mine who appreciates our yoyoing came up and told matt" he just owns you dont he?" and matt was PISSED!!! he turned bright red and started telling everyone how much better his yoyos were because they cost 3x as much as mine, but nobody cared it seemed lol

Also in spanish class matt and i usually get out our yoyos and throw at the end of class. Our spanish teacher is like 26 and he was completely fascinated at the beginning of this year and he kept wanting to try our yoyos, but he never could get how to bind. so one day matt brought one of his sunset trajectorys to school for him to try and he was absolutely thrilled! he can do a gravity pull and thats it but i guess he really likes to yoyo, im thinkin about buying him a yoyo before this year ends.


The cost or the yoyo doesn’t affect the player you are ;D

me to my principal let me show hims some tricks my Spanish etcher calls me elyoyo

haha, my name in spanish used to be Exio (X-e-yo in english) but now it is Exiyoyo. (X-e-yoyo)

I keep telling him that, but then he always snaps back “yes it does! ive never seen a pro use a yyj, or somethin like that. its always a metal!” hes sooo stubborn…really angers me on some days!

Tell him that name’s already taken. My math teacher speaks spanish and calls me desperado just because my favorite GT is my own Desperado’s Triangle (credits to Xdohl for Desperado). Go for something cool and latin.

Note: Elyoyo was taken by Augie.

Ha, all of you are lucky. My ELA teacher takes my yoyo for 3 days if she sees it, but I sneak it in during the morning bathroom time and lunch. Our school has a kid commitee and ima ask if one can put the idea of a talent show up, To people who know nothing about yoyoing Mach 5 is like doing all the expert tricks faster than mickey to a pro yo-yo-er

yoyos are banned at my school but we still use them in the cool teachers class rooms ::slight_smile:

ok so when i got my first yoyo last year in 8th grade spanish (seems to be the right class for yoyoing for everyone), my flying squirrel fell out of my backpack. my teacher saw and asked if he could try some tricks. he did gravity pulls, walk the dog, around the world, and rock the baby. all i knew that he didn’t was pop the clutch, but now that is still the second most asked for trick at school.

then i was in Ohio dropping my sister off at Oberlin. while she was on tour, i was using my speeder on the street. some random kid, about 18, walks up to me, asks if he could try, and does a bunch of tricks like spirit bomb and a couple of other stuff. he was way better than me at the time and i was like :o. i knew how to do matrix and buddha’s revenge.

then after my birthday last month, i got a bigyo and DV888. i was exited and was talking about starting a yoyoclub. so i did. i went up at town meeting (our entire school meets once or twice a week and we listen to anouncements and students can go up. we are a smallish school.) and started doing easy tricks with my bigyo like mach 5. now i have 5 members and they all kinda dont listen. only one bought her own yoyo and she wont learn to bind with her speed dial.

Andre boulay uses a YYJ and hes a national master :P.