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yesterday, my teacher asked us who our role model was. other kids said normal things like football players, actors, etc. but guess what i said? andre boulay! well, the teacher asked who that was, and of course i answered " a pro yoyoer" well the teacher said i was lying and guess where i ended up. the principals office. the principal yelled at me and gave me a lecture about there is no such thing as a professional yoyoer. and i said if she didnt belive me she could do a youtube search on ande boulay and guess what came up. “andre boulay vs hirozuki suzuki” the principal watched it and her jaw dropped to the ground. in fact, she asked me to do a presintation for the class the next day. well the next day, i came prepared. i had a 1a,2a,4a,and 5a in my back pack. when i got to my homeroom i was confused because there was no one in the class. the teacher said to follow her to the stage. well, i did and guess what. not only my class was watching, but the whole school was watching! well, i started with basic tricks like walk the dog, baby in the cradle and crap like that. just to shock them when i did real tricks. before long, i had all eyes on me. i did spirit bomb, buddas revenge, and what, mcbride roller coaster, mach 5, etc. then i did my 2a, then my 5a i’m really not that good at. but it was the 4a that really got them. all the whips a catches mad their eyes pop out of their head. at the end i threw out a yomega fireball i just bought into the audience. well, i really wished i didnt waste a good 7 dollars because the principal got enough butter flys for every one. before i knew it the halls were filled with kids trying to do tricks with their butterflys. a few little kids even asked for my autograph :stuck_out_tongue: ;D. the closest anyone came to a real trick is when a kid tried to do trapese and ended up at the nurses office with a bloody nose. ::slight_smile: :P.

                              [b]the end!!!! ;) ;)[/b]


Good job. Show’em where it’s at. :wink:


made me laugh haha ;D

Great story … awesome school!


that was the most boss story ever, after I finish my homework, i’ll tell mine.



For some reason, this seems a bit too good to be true…


LOL thats awesome!!! ;D ;D


true, but a good story non the less.

And if true I want to see the pictures!


If this story is true, your teacher and principle are completely ignorant cretins. It’s one thing to not believe you, but to get sent to the principles office and get lectured about it is pretty… for lack of an appropriate word, silly.

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Though it’s an awesome story if it’s true, something tells me no school would cancel class just to show everyone what you can do with a toy. The fact that you get sent to the principals office because you didn’t conform to everyone else’s role model decisions just screams bologna.


this story is so full of win

props !


this story inspires me… Cause you my friend show 'em that yoyoing are not just for child’s play… And you ended up a star in your school!

Love your story!.. I performed too in my school!


:)) i want to try once i get a good yoyo

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Bologna bologna bologna


Awesome Story Man!
It made me laugh.
But, that was so wrong of your teacher to send you to the pricipals office just because your Roll Model is Andre Bouley. They shouldn’t have judged like that, but, Amazing Story! :wink:


This is a nice story, but that’s all it is: a story. There is almost zero chance this is even remotely true. But, keep trying. You might make a decent fiction writer one day.


why shouldn’t it be true ?

maybe the principal was too short on notice to offer everyone a yoyo, but why would anyone get from telling a false story and what do you base your statement on ?

I have nothing that tells me it isn’t true and I’ve witnessed or lived stuff at least as crazy as that

sometimes things just happen, most time they don’t

no need to hate, it will give you nothing to hate


thats amazing. if i were in that situation and said andre boulay, i dont know what they’d do, but definitely not that. nobody any where has overreacted to my yoyo skills like that yet.


Who said I was hating? I just said that there was very little chance that this story is true. One, teachers don’t just send kids to the principals office for telling them who their hero is. That’s ridiculous. Two, school systems are very aware of the professional yoyo scene, because school demonstrations are big business. I assure you that nearly every principle in the middle and elementary system has been approached by Yomega or Ned or someone similar to do demonstrations. What principal or teacher in their right mind would flip out about this and then turn around and disrupt the entire flow of their school just to allow one kid to show his yoyo skills? A small in class demonstration, maybe. Why would someone tell a false story? Why wouldn’t they? People do it all the time, whether to make themselves look good, to impress people, or for no reason at all. And I base my statement on reality. Is there a chance this is true? Sure, a small chance. Is it more likely that it’s not? Yes, it is. If it turns out this is true, I’ll be the first to apologize and congratulate him. But if someone is going to post a very fantastic, unlikely sounding story on a public forum, it’s well within my rights to state my opinion on it. That’s not hating, that’s the way of the world.


cool story bro