Have any of you guys had a yoyo taken away from a teacher?


i threw it a couple times over a span of a few months. today there was a knot. i threw it down to see if it would come undone. it happened during a science experement. she took it away and gave it to the principal. great. Has this happened to any of you guys?


I threw my northstar as class was starting. My teacher took it away. Thankfully, she was nice and let me have it back at the end of the day.


One time, i was wearing the awesome shutter shades that light up. My teacher took them away. But never a yoyo.
However, i have left one in a classroom for a couple weeks before…


If you don’t disrupt class and don’t throw at any time when it would be unsafe or perceived as unsafe you’ll be just fine.


not if you impress them!!!:wink:

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Have any of you guys had a yoyo taken away by a teacher?

  • Yes


Instead of throwing down the yoyo to check if there are knots, why didn’t you pull both sides? There are so many ways of checking if there is a knot other than just throwing.

And I don’t mean to sound like a grumpy old man but why are you yoyoing in class? I know YYE is not the best place to say things like these but…you have all the time to throw outside school hours. Regardless if it’s boring or not, school is school. Focus.

And to answer your question, no. My teachers have only asked to put it away when it’s on my desk even when I’m not even touching or messing with it. But since I’m in college, there’s no longer such thing as taking stuff away.


Yeah… I would never give it to them willingly anyway. It’s your personal property. Just say no. Take the write up or whatever. Those write ups have no affect on your life after grade school. Don’t let the fear of detention or a write up control you.


a few times actually, all of them for throwing in the hallway between classes. But i got it back after as short as a day to a month.


Can’t relate. Didn’t even use a yoyo during my school years, really. Never took a yoyo to school.

I don’t think the classroom is a suitable place for the yoyo. Break times? Sure. Lunch? You bet. Club? For sure. After school? Absolutely. During class? No way.


One time my DM2 flew out of my shirt pocket during a fire drill (ironic huh,…) and just to my luck stuck my hand putti catch it, too late, but the slip not opened up and my middle finger caught it so it looked like I had thrown it.

My teacher told me to give it to her I said no, it’s my property
She was shocked that I responded to her like that, she snatched it out of my hand but the slip knot was still on my finger so when she tightened it it hurt cause she pulled hard I said ow

The principal saw her “hurting” me so he walked up to her took the yoyo gave it to me, and said let’s go to my office

We went I said what had happened, than the teacher responded say I had shown “extreme” defiance. The principal asked me why I had responded to her like that I said its true isn’t it? She didn’t pay $40 for that now did she? If she had asked me to put it away I would have kindly said yes and have done it. I walked out and the teacher got fired that very same day :frowning:

But most of my teachers don’t mind they actually have me perform new tricks in front of the class some times and during lunch and break I can throw peacefully with no one bugging me to put it away but if you guys are going to throw in class

1.its obvious your teacher will get mad
2. Why would you?

My math teacher knows I get stressed. While taking test so he lets me carry a yoyo with me while taking test he says as long as I don’t hear it spinning loudly you are welcome to slightly start it (weak snap start) and fiddle with it after tests he even lets me go outside and play with it

As long as you have good grades are good going, stay out of problems I’m pretty sure your teachers won’t mind


Funny I throw all the time during that time and I don’t get in trouble the occasional “get to class” but never taking it away in fact they are rather fond of it, I mean teachers, staff and counselors get bored at school too don’t they :expressionless:


As a teacher, I would love it if more kids threw yoyos in between classes and during lunch instead of swearing at each other and carrying on like neanderthals.



Not the best advice if you don’t want to turn out as a complete brat.

As a teacher, we get that you guys have your toys and interests. But when you’re in class, you need to be paying attention or at least trying to. If you have your yoyo out in class when it shouldn’t be, then you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s taken away. (Besides, you get it back anyway)


He is right as for me never had my Yoyo taken away. That’s pretty much it I always get compliments from them instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m so a rule player.

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I had my modded FH2 taken away once. The teacher told me I could have it back after class ended.

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I don’t recall every having had a yoyo taken away.

I’m the teacher that hands students a yoyo! How many of you have ever experienced that? :wink:


Ok, so I’m in 7th grade and I yoyo after school and at the bus stop and I used to before XC practice (XC is over), but I’m like really scared to carry it around in my pocket or in my YYF holder and throw at lunch and stuff. I did, though, get to yoyo for an entire band class because our band director gave us a free period last year for a reason I forget, but I don’t want to get in trouble. So should I just stick to what I do now, or what?


Well I’m homeschooled, so yes, plenty of times.

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Once, in the middle of a lesson, my teacher took my Limited Edition Dark Magic that was sitting on the desk, and started to play with it. At that time, I was so afraid he would let it hit the floor and ding the yoyo . That taught me not to put my yoyo in such accessible locations.